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Spring cleaning at Apple?

Spring cleaning at Apple? logomacitynet1200wide 1

Apple renews the full range in this fiscal quarter. A Carl Howe, an analyst at Forrester Research, a market analysis company, says that ?certain that Cupertino intends to make a change in its market and to change it the whole range in these three months. It remains to be seen at what level the changes to the hardware will intervene. "According to Howe, who spoke in the context of an interview on Apple's fiscal outlook for the quarter," the only question if and when the Cube will have the Superdrive ". In fact, the analyst thinks that the New York computer is a good product but with a wrong price. The use of the DVD burner, without a significant change in the price, it seems to understand, would be an incentive factor for an increase in sales.If these forecasts are respected, according to Howe, the fiscal quarter ending at the end of March could be better than what many think. Of course, this is not a record quarter, but margins could be considerably higher than some analysts believe that they forecast a difficult new fiscal quarter. "In Cupertino they seem very motivated and determined to attack the market – Howe said – and then the balance sheet of the previous fiscal quarter has already registered part of the unsold of this quarter. They preferred to suffer serious losses once rather than proceeding with a long dripping of profits in red of smaller proportions. " in black, although very little. "This even if the turnover will be reduced (1.4 billion dollars) and although difficult that the new machines will arrive in the channels in the promised times". A delay that would be determined by high demand rather than production problems. Even according to Bailey, in any case, Apple could announce a review of consumer machines in a short time. It would be new iMacs but also new iBooks. ?Whether these new products will drive sales and affect the profits of the current fiscal quarter – Bailey said – depends on the level of changes that will be made. If it is a simple increase in clock speed, it is foreseeable that towing will not be strong. " Bailey for thinks that Apple intends to introduce CD or Rewritable burners in all the new machines being released. Something more we can learn about it during the meeting that Apple has scheduled for today evening in Cupertino. The company's managers will meet with major financial analysts

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