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Sony also approaches iPod on home theaters with TDM-IP1

Sony also approaches iPod on home theaters with TDM-IP1 | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

It is not always better to row against; sometimes better to row in the same direction. Sony must have understood this and, after the release of the first Sony-branded iPod amplifier, the TDM-IP1, a dock-bridge useful for connecting the Apple player to the Bravia Home Theater systems (or audio receivers) via digital media port equipped with DMP) produced by the Japanese giant.

Thanks to the accessory, it will be possible to view and play iPod contents on audio or home theater systems that provide compatibility with the TDM-IP1. The Sony bridge can be used with both iPod nano, iPod 4G and 5G and iPod mini models; there is also a composite video output.

Although Apple remains "The" competitor on the mp3 player market for all, the success of the iPod cannot be overlooked by those who, like Sony, engaged on different fronts of digital entertainment. The price should be around 99 Dollars; at the moment, no details are known on the possible availability of the TDM-IP1 in our country.

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