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Snapchat chat looks a lot like Messenger and WhatsApp

News in the application chat: stickers and the possibility of making video calls appear


Snapchat becomes something more like a classic instant messaging service. Or at least, try it. An update of the chat section makes the application more familiar than usual, remembering both Messenger that WhatsApp in graphics and offerings works.

The update presented to users who start a new conversation with a clip-guide: you can send stickers, photos, short video messages and start video calls.

To start the conversation, I usually swipe to the right on the chosen contact, then the series of new options will open. To send a short video message, a touch on the camera icon.

Watch out, because with two taps, the video call starts. Those who receive the call can choose to be seen or not with the Watch icon, symbolized by an eye.

With the roll icon on the left you enter the photo gallery, with the facet on the right to the stickers library, a bit confusing to consult (single scrolling page), but rich.

So Snapchat, which refused 3 billion dollars from Facebook in 2013, and which is now worth 16 billion, continues its race towards a wider audience than at the beginning, and towards the target of 300 million in revenues this year.


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