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Reasons why Windows 8 exits Windows 7

If you are one of those who think that Windows 7 is better than any other operating system that Microsoft has ever built, then think again. After passing Windows 7 as the best-selling operating system in the PC market and spreading its roots all over the world, Microsoft's Windows 8 has been intelligently designed as an operating system and deals with futuristic devices with multiple touch-based inputs. After the 4-year rule on Windows 7, it seemed that Microsoft couldn't have done better, the same case where Windows XP was launched. Now Windows 8 here that will make you a fan of Windows.

There is everything you would expect from a PC and too much not to expect even from Microsoft. Targeting on the tablet PC market does not mean that Windows 8 does not take care of PC users. There is so much to offer everyone a little "vote".

More than any desktop or PC operating system, Windows 8 appears to be much more like a hybrid of Windows Phone 7 interface with Windows 7 OS as a parallel companion.

Let's see what can push you to opt for Windows 8 on PC

1. Personalization : – It's about making your PC truly yours and what Microsoft has worked a lot. Now you can change the lock screen and put apps to show the status on it.

A whole new option to synchronize purchases, activities, calendars and settings between devices. This can be useful if you opt for multiple devices, if you change to one, the same synchronized with others.

The user interface of the elegant and informative cards, the live cards allow constant updates on the app.

In Windows 8, every corner of the screen means something. From recent apps to the charm and shortcuts you would like to explore. Now click with the right mouse button in the lower left corner and some essential shortcuts are displayed (programs and features, device management, disk management, task manager, etc.) which simplify your task.

2. App store and app : – What happens in smartphones applies here. Apps simplify our task, whether it's checking your mail, reading magazines or playing games. Windows 8 has this strength and you will love it. The market place has free and paid apps that you would love.

3. Multitasking the way you want : – Remember why Windows was criticized for hanging on multiple windows even though it was shrunk in Windows 7, but now Windows 8 has taken it to the next level. The Windows Snap feature allows you to run 2 apps side by side. Now you can close the app by simply dragging the window from top to bottom.

4. IE 10 intelligent and intelligent : – The completely renewed browser with an extraordinary integration of search and suggestions can compete with some of the best browsers in the world. It has good tweaks as the left and right sides can be clicked as forward and back buttons.

5. Search engine : – The biggest change aside from the user interface is the search. Now the fun search, now the search engine can also search for words within the word document or PowerPoint presentations with the opening, how beautiful.

6. Transitions uniforms and friendly messages : – Switch between app and desktop simple. The transitions are cheerful and the apps are elegant as they perform them. Now easy to switch between applications by simply clicking on the top left corner.

7. Charm of Windows charm : – The new function that shows quick information on the percentage of battery time and some options (search, devices, start-up, sharing and settings) that are activated by sliding the cursor from the top to the bottom right.

8. Startup speed : – Huge increase in Windows, Windows startup was a problem in almost all laptops. Now its startup time has been reduced to 15 seconds.

9. Easy-to-use task manager : – This was by far the most user-friendly task manager in Windows. By simply viewing the open activities, when expanded it can provide every single information from the app to the use of the app network for the impact of the startup process. Now you can disable or see the impact of any boot process.

10. Cut copy paste in a new style : – Now copy or paste folders or files, you can pause them and the graphic representation shows the transfer speed scheme.

11. Integration : – You have pre-installed bing maps, bing search, people and messages apps, weather, mail, news, skydrive all on the home screen what else do you want.

12. Read the pdf with the reader : – Windows has a default app reader that can instantly open pdf files, without the need to download Adobe Reader. But if you want it, there in the app store.

13. Notifications : – Now no more ugly dialog boxes. Windows has removed that. You are now greeted from the panel on the screen and the notifications magically arrive and disappear in the upper right part of the screen.

14. Automatic run run removed : – Connect the removable disk and Windows Explorer will open instantly, in a simple way, however you can change some preferences.

15. Add a simple device : – Just go to the settings and select the device panel and add a device.

16. Windows update won't spoil you : – Now the updates are installed unnoticed, if you want you can change the settings and you will be notified only when you access or open the lock screen or go to the settings.

17. Still feeling slow, update Windows 8 or reinstall it : – This is really nice, now if you think your PC is not up to scratch, update it without affecting your files, otherwise you can reinstall Windows 8 and set it to the factory state without the need for any drive or disk to boot from.