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Qurami, the Italian app that queues for you

Winner of numerous awards, it allows to optimize waiting times at the ticket office. Last agreement: Trenitalia

Qurami App - Logo (b

Founded in 2011 in Rome by the computer engineer Roberto Macina, included between 40 Best Italian Startups by TechCrunch in 2013, awarded at UK-Italy Business Award in 2014, selected (together with four other Italians) for the meeting with Tim Cook at Palazzo Chigi last January and financed by three Unicredit Start Lab, LVenture, Italian Angels for Growth plus various investors private angel, today it's worth over a million dollars.

Let's talk about Qurami, a startup with over 300 thousand downloads in four years aimed at relieving users of one of the most irritating and demeaning waste of time in human history, the one that in 2013 took us away, according to Istat, 400 hours each: queue. Typically in those places and sectors which, due to the influx of individuals and the average time needed to dispose of each, represent a Dante group for the most: utilities, telephony, municipalities, hospitals. And in fact Qurami already boasts a respectable network, collaborating with over 300 structures including Enel, Wind, the municipalities of Rome, Milan, Florence and Trieste, the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, the tax office of Turin, the universities of Rome and Padua and a series of hospitals and public health offices.

An illustrious portfolio to which we add today the cross (and delight?) Of each commuter: Trenitalia. The Italian transport leader, 100% controlled by Ferrovie dello Stato, has in fact chosen the young Roman startup to meet its users: as described on the website, by downloading the app (free) it will in fact be possible to optimize the waiting times at the ticket office: in essence, skip the line. Or better, do it before arriving at the station, whether you are at home, at the bar or at the newsstand, pretending to browse newspapers.

Qurami - 3 St

just geolocate yourself, choose the reference station, select the service you need (such as ticket purchase) and take the number. Number that it is equivalent in all respects to the paper one: entered the waiting list at the end of all the others, informed of how many people are in front of them and notified with a notification when few are missing, so that they can present themselves at the counter just in time for their shift, being invested by a understandable movement of amazement and generalized hatred.

Following this agreement, the app will be available in the ten main Italian stations of Rome, Milan, Turin, Naples, Venice, Bologna and Florence. This is a great milestone for Qurami, as stated by the founder and CEO of the startup, but not only: the collaboration with Trenitalia, as well as that with other companies and institutions of national scope, represents a very positive message for the entire panorama of Italian startups. The services they offer are of increasing quality and usefulness and more and more big player they are realizing it.

And to think that it was born entirely by chance, when Macina himself experienced the experience of the university secretary of LUISS From Rome. The experiment started right there, and the success of the students led Macina to think she could expand, in Italy and abroad. in fact also present in South America, thanks to the collaboration with banks and telecommunication companies a Panama and in Costa Rica, and was chosen even by the most efficient post office British Royal Mail. Pending a similar innovative push also by Poste Italiane, the next move is expansion. Both geographic and product: Qurami in fact about to launch Agenda, which will allow you to book the most varied services, from the medical examination, to the hairdresser's cut, to the car review, to the tennis court. The target underlines Macina consolidate Qurami as a reference point for all innovation that revolves around one of the most precious assets for people: your time.


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