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Quitter, the app that helps you not to get distracted on social networks

If the app is open on the computer, you are tempted and you lose time and productivity: Quitter the app that solves the problem


always the same story: social networks, for many, are also used for work, so it is useless to think of keeping out of them to produce more. At the same time, it happens to get lost between one post and another, between a conversion and a sharing for a little too long.

Marco Arment invented for this purpose Quitter, a desktop app that automatically closes apps on the Mac when they have not been used for a while. This, explains the developer, who among other things worked on Tumblr and created Instapaper, will avoid the temptation to go and check the current news on the social network automatically, and then get lost in the black hole of Twitter, Slack and so on.

Just set the idle time after which applications are stopped, and you're done. Given that its purpose is to close other apps, Quitter will not be found on the Apple App Store, but can be downloaded for free – and securely – from the Arment website.


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