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PowerBook for CNN

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CNN is said to be adopting PowerBook-based solutions to meet the needs of acquiring and editing the services of its crews. The news emerged in the context of the Apple UK Solutions for Video, an event that took place throughout Europe and that also involved some in England great information realities. In that context, some LaCie representatives said they were in contact with "a large television network for the supply of portable HD for video capture". The solution chosen would have been the use of HD FireWire in conjunction with Apple laptops and Sony cameras. Now it is learned that the "large network" would be CNN and that the supply contract would now be well advanced and defined in detail. The world's largest information network would use laptops (at this point in the Titanium series) to create news reports after downloading images from Sony cameras equipped with a FireWire connection. It can also be assumed that the technicians will also use FinalCut Pro.The choice of Apple, implemented for reasons of practicality and functionality (a configuration of this type allows you to create a high quality service even without having any television studio or a assembly center), if confirmed, would represent a huge success for the Cupertino company.

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