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Power To Burn not for everyone

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You are thrilled by the possibility of burning CDs with the new G4. You do well, but before you let yourself go and improvise a ballet in the middle of the room, call your friends and call a "burning party" to demonstrate the superiority of your Mac, wait a moment. Creating a CD with the machines that Steve Jobs presented in San Francisco is not easy or intuitive, at least for Italian users.First of all those who started looking for the application that allows CD burning on the G4s would be long and in vain. . In the software provided with Disc Burner, the application you need is not a trace. Indeed, on closer inspection, there is absolutely nothing that makes one understand how the burner can be used. Not an instruction, not a specific nod to the new hardware, not a Readme. Who would try to insert a blank CD hoping to receive a message that will guide the burn would be rejected by the CD. Maybe Apple forgot to install some piece of software? Not at all. While exploring all the CDs supplied, there is nothing that allows you to create your own disc. To get to the solution, or rather as we will see a non-solution, you must be really clever or lucky and, perhaps after having given up (with some improper)) when burning, switch to other and download iTunes following the advice of a printed sheet attached to the box. In the USA home (not the Italian one which, in addition in English, warns us that the product will not be available until February) if you pay attention you can see that it is also available for download Disc Burner. at this point and understand what to do the game done, you will say. Just download and install. Certainly not very intuitive but still feasible … But no. Once you have downloaded Disc Burner, in fact, it turns out that the version currently available on the Internet in English and that requires the US version of MacOs to work, categorically refusing to install on an Operating System in English.Result, no burning with Disc Burner and Apple's internal CD for Italian users, this until next February, says Apple, when the version in our language will be released. Until then for us poor users of the boot remain available only two alternative solutions. The first, cheaper, consists in the use of TomeViewer By opening the Disc Burner installer you can try to install the English version on the Italian Os with some risk and danger stability. The second, much more expensive, consists in buying a burning product, like Toast, putting your hand in your wallet.

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