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On the Internet, the first photos taken with the iPhone?

On the Internet, the first photos taken with the iPhone? logomacitynet1200wide 1

The first photos taken with the iPhone may have ended up on Flickr. To discover images that, apparently at least, have been taken with the not yet released Apple state mobile phone Guerrilla, a site specializing in pocket devices and news on this world.

The system used to locate the images was rather simple: a Google search for the sequence of terms 'Taken With an iPhone'. In this way Mobile Guerrilla was able to trace back to a Flickr account on which two classified images had been published just like taken with an iPhone. Obviously the account owner has not manually entered this information which, instead, is automatically extracted from the EXIF ??data (Exchangeable image file format) the metadata written by the digital camera directly into the file.

Although EXIF ??data can be edited easily easily manually, this does not seem to be the case; the owner of the Flickr account, in fact, would have to deal directly with Apple, even being a Cupertino Product Manager. On the other hand, a few minutes after the publication of the photos (of a quality that cannot be despised if we consider that they were taken with a mobile phone) by Mobile Guerrilla, the images were first made private and then deleted from the account.

Interpreting what could have happened, one can think that someone who handles an iPhone for work tried to take some pictures with it and then published them on Flickr without thinking that the EXIF ??data would have been automatically extracted and published online. Once he discovered the fact, he would hurry to delete the images that for, at that point, were scattered almost everywhere on the Internet, such as information relating to EXIF ??data.

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