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Music without Drm on iTunes, not just Emi?

Music without Drm on iTunes, not just Emi? logomacitynet1200wide 1

On iTunes, songs without Drm of music labels other than Emi will appear from the next few days. Or, at least, this is what Apple hopes that in these days has sent a message to the record companies that market their music on its store to urge them to adhere to its new strategy.

The message, as structured and for the tone it uses, evidently aimed at small producers and independent labels rather than the remaining three "big" music (Universal, Sony BMG and Warner).

Turning to small labels, Apple shows that it has not been the case that this group of record companies has shown interest in the elimination of DRMs in the past. Some of them already sell music without copy protection, a system that is used to promote novice singers and lesser known bands.

What Apple does not say in its email if even small record companies will be allowed to sell songs without Drm for 1.29 euros instead of the "imposed" price of 99 cents. What instead is sure that all those who sell music without Drm will have the opportunity to encode songs at 256 Kbps instead of 128 Kbps chosen for music protected with FairPlay.

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