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Mophie Bevy, the iPod shuffle becomes a bottle opener

From Mophie comes an eccentric iPod accessory, indeed, an accessory with four souls. Beside the more classic functions, namely those of covers and wire-pickers for earphones, Bevy skillfully performs two other tasks.

It can be used as a key ring, thanks to the convenient side ring, and as a bottle opener, presenting the typical serrated shape on the front. The bottle opener can be used with the cover empty; for the safety of the reader, it is better to remove the iPod from the case before removing the caps.

The Bevy available in the five colors of the 2G shuffle (pink, orange, green, gray and blue) and in pre-order on the Mophie website at the price of 15 Dollars.

The Italian distributor of Mophie IHR products