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Miitomo exceeds 4 million users

For Nintendo, the app is already worth $ 280,000 a day


According to a Nintendo statement, Miitomo has exceeded 4 million users since the European launch, which took place on March 31st. In the last week alone there have been 2.6 million downloads on iOS and Android, or about 370 thousand per day, two thirds of which occur on Apple devices.

Currently there are about one million active users per day, while total downloads bring the game to being virtually populated more or less like the whole of New ZealandOn average, users connect to Miitomo about two or three times a day, with sessions of 7 or 8 minutes.

As for earnings, the estimate of about 280 thousand dollars per week, or about 40 thousand dollars per day, of which 80% come from iOS. A great starttherefore, for Nintendo's mobile debut, but has Miitomo been able to maintain interest over time?


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