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Mac OS 9.1 undersized?

Mac OS 9.1 undersized? | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Some new features and features of Mac OS 9.1 would have been eliminated at the last moment by Steve Jobs' decision. Those who in fact had the opportunity to try some beta versions (not definitive) of "Fortissimo" (codename of Mac OS 9.1 before it was officially released), can confirm the presence of modules, control panels and features that later have been released.The impression that Apple executives wanted an undersized Mac OS so as not to give it too many features similar to those that will be present in Mac OS X.

Among the most illustrious "victims": "Open Transport 3.0" (from which many useful features would have been eliminated, including "multihoming", the removal of the "Memory Manager" (which would have allowed to obtain a primitive form of memory protection also under Mac OS 9) and a particular system extension that would allow you to view various models of digital cameras directly (such as external hard drives).

According to some sources, these and other features have not been completely eliminated but will be released as an upgrade before next July, when the latest and truly definitive version of Mac OS will be presented: version 9.5.

(Edited by Newton)

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