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LinkedIn Learning: training for business is underway

LinkedIn Learning an e-learning portal that offers training courses for business but also for schools.

The company, acquired by Microsoft for approximately 26.5 billion dollars, has launched a new site called LinkedIn Learning, an ambitious e-learning portal that offers training courses intended for business, for those who have a personal interest in a specific topic , but also to schools. The new site was unveiled in San Francisco and arrives about a year and a half after the acquisition of for a billion and a half dollars. Much of LinkedIn Learning is based on the contents of Lynda and opens its doors with an offer of about 9,000 courses.In the proposed training offer, there are courses for business, technologies and even creative topics that can be chosen by employees of a company, but can also be assigned by a company. In addition, it will be possible to monitor learning, evaluate progress and test the skills acquired. LinkedIn Premium users will be offered an average of 25 new courses every week and, probably, companies will be provided with subscription packages with which they can train all employees according to needs. LinkedIn's emphasis on training and learning goes hand in hand with the fact that the platform acts as a showcase for those who want to maintain their public profile and look for work. Following the courses will allow you to give greater emphasis to your personal skills, providing education tools at the highest levels. Linkedin Learning arrives a week after another important announcement. LinkedIn kicked off, in India, to an online placement service, which following one or more tests, suggests the most suitable jobs for personal skills and preparation. In view of this turning point, it is easy to assume that increasing knowledge, by suggesting courses that will appear in your profile, may be part of the strategy.Jeff Weiner, LinkedIn CEO stressed how much education is becoming one of the top priorities. According to the forecasts of the World Economic Forum, the new technologies will create 5 million new jobs, 25% of which as of 2020. Linkedin therefore sees training as a business opportunity.There will be more updates on the platform in the future and the services offered will include a desktop experience, a smarter newsfeed and the introduction of bots. The main idea behind the redesign of the desktop is to provide a bigger screen experience and through a browser. In a sense, LinkedIn was lagging behind with these types of resources: the company has professionals who use a desktop as a base customer. The new aspect will facilitate the changeover from their profile to that of others, to whom we follow and to messages. thus allowing for a more dynamic flow. There will also be updates in terms of content, an expansion of the feeds with more tips for connecting with other users, more disclosure by influencers and news edited by the editorial editorial LinkedIn. The editorial aspect seems to be particularly interesting because the news that will be proposed will be filtered through the interests related to your professional environment, a bit like what happens with Facebook's trending topics. To encourage the spread of news, notices will be introduced that link to further posts that may arouse interest messaging chat has also been renewed, for example, in case you find yourself chatting and you are busy organizing a meeting, you will be suggested to use the technology offered by the bot to do it better.LinkedIn still has a long way to go, before the messages take a prominent position, but Mark Hull at the head of the company's messaging team has made it known that the activity of the messages on the platform has grown by 240% since last year. A great progress, but far from the numbers that Facebook and Whatsapp can boast.

LinkedIn Learning