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Jobs: no to subscription music

People not interested in a subscription music sales model. This is what Steve Jobs continues to think today. The opportunity for the CEO to reiterate a concept that has already repeated several times was an interview with the Reuters news agency on the sidelines of the conference yesterday's tax results were presented.

'Never say never' says Jobs' but customers seem not to be interested in this model of using music online. To date this offer has failed to elicit consensus. People want to own music. "

Jobs' statement comes a few days after the start of negotiations with the record companies for the renewal of the agreement to sell songs on iTunes. From this point of view, it appears to be precisely addressed to counterparties who, as is known, instead press in that direction. Some observers also said they were convinced that Apple would give in to the requests, aligning itself with the competition that it offers, precisely, subscription formulas, in exchange for other concessions, such as the one on music without Drm. At the moment, Jobs seems unwilling to take this step.

As for music without a copy protection system, Jobs appears very confident: 'We said that by the end of the year we will have half the songs on iTunes without Drm and I think we will do it. Many of those who work in this sector are very attracted to the advantages that derive from music without Drm and are now seriously thinking about it. '

According to some analysts to put pressure on the record companies would have been the agreement that will bring Emi's music without Drm to iTunes from May. The pact established between Cupertino and the British record company, in fact, has opened a flaw in the dam erected by the owners of the rights to the contents who now want to understand if this really is the formula to definitively unlock the potential of the online song trade.