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Jamo i200: from the Danish signature a new dock speaker for iPod

Jamo i200: from the Danish signature a new dock speaker for iPod logomacitynet1200wide 1

After the interesting i300 we presented on these pages, here is the i200 from Jamo, a new iPod docking system. This time it is a unitary product: a diffuser with small dimensions, with a slender and square shape. Thanks to the discreet figure, the i200 can be fixed to the wall or traditionally placed on a surface, depending on the functional and acoustic choices of the buyer.

The dock base that houses the Apple player is hidden behind a central sliding panel; nearby there is an audio line-in to connect other devices via 3.5 mm jack. Music will be broadcast through two 70mm woofers and two 13mm tweeters.

The main controls are located on the back, for convenient access to the controls; also included a radio control with a tapered shape, on which there are all the keys necessary for the user.

Compatible with any iPod with dock connector, the i200 available in black and white; the official price not reported but should be around 200 euros.

Jamo products are distributed in our country by Jamo Italy. For the point of sale closest to you, consult the special dealers section of the official website.

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