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iTunes without DRM, image victory

iTunes without DRM, image victory | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

An excellent move from a stragic and image point of view. The announcement that Apple will start selling music without digital rights on its iTunes Store is judged by several analysts.

The opinion that yesterday's London press conference attended by Nicoli and Jobs, above all else, a public relations victory comes from Michael Gartenber, an authoritative representative of Jupiter Research. 'Apple' writes Gartenberg 'will be seen as the company that kicked off DRM-free music and this will increase their consideration in public opinion. Apple is now the flagship of consumer interests. "

According to the analyst of Jupiter Research, the sale of music without Drm also means that Apple's competitors will no longer be able to use the argument of the ecosystem based on the success of the iPod and artificially blocking the market to justify Cupertono's success. "If they don't manage to increase their market share," says Gartneberg, "it will be clear that it is not the link between music and iPod that is holding back the competition." For his part, the analyst does not seem to have doubts: 'Apple' reads in the blog 'does not dominate the market thanks to the link between iTunes and iPod. Not iTunes that brings customers to iPod, but the opposite. He is the player who stimulates sales

According to Gene Munster, another analyst who works for Piper Jaffray, he believes that in any case there will also be commercial effects. 'There will be more sales for iTunes and there may also be benefits for iPods which will be part of a system that will be perceived positively and the whole access to the world of digital music will become easier.' As for the competing music hardware manufacturers of the iPod, according to Munster, the benefits will be few. Only the more experienced will be able to properly synchronize their libraries with the music purchased on iTunes. In turn, iTunes interfaces perfectly with iPod.

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