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IPTV and DAZN channels: complete guide, convenience and risks

IPTVs are one of the phenomena of the moment, there is no group of friends where there is not at least one who prides himself on seeing all the games for free or more often for a small fee. There are places where IPTV and their use has led to the birth of a slang term that describes it "pezzotto"(Le Iene, the well-known TV program also dedicated a report to the topic).


With the arrival of DAZN in Italy, by now, all the matches of the championship of A league they are no longer visible on Sky and therefore two different passes are needed to enjoy all the races of each day.

So, since the pirates do not stop, these channels also ended up directly on the IPTV lists, together with those of the other Pay TVs.

Are IPTV lists with DAZN different from those without?

The answer is notnow most of the lists also contain these channels. We emphasize that they are without any authorization from DAZN. The only legitimate way to see the channels of the service subscribe to the service.

We have already talked extensively about the operation of IPTV lists (see also Guide and dangers of IPTV lists). In fact, these are simple text files, with the addresses of the inside flows of the various channels.

The IPTV player takes the individual streams and plays them, generally a stream corresponds to a TV channel, sometimes even to a film. We advise you against using these lists are very dangerous and completely illegal. We also talked about other lists, which live on the border line and are composed only of free-to-air channels. These are more respectful of rights, and also fairly stable on average.

IPTV lists with DAZN log and click during games

IPTV lists are divided into two large groups:

  • private ones: they are stable and reliable, as well as for a fee. They are very dangerous for the reasons we have discussed in this paragraph.
  • public lists: they are free and can be found quite easily on the net, it is not clear if their use constitutes a criminal offense, but they are not very stable.

The very simple reason: streaming channels an activity that requires a lot of bandwidth and, for this reason, the lists containing the DAZN channels go into crisis during the races. Too many accesses, during the games, easily lead the servers hosting these lists to collapse, or to provide too low a bandwidth per user to be able to guarantee a smooth streaming (the continuous blocks and the shots are explained).

Pirates who really want to watch football games without paying anything prefer to take advantage of free P2P methods like Ace Stream.

Where can I buy IPTV lists containing DAZN channels?

Until a year ago, the main channel with which the receivers sold access to the lists was Skype. A mysterious contact, perhaps indicated by a friend, told you the conditions and after payment, he gave you the list.

Now the landscape has further evolved, there are sites (based abroad) that sell their packages directly. Furthermore, the preferred distribution channel for local list receivers seems to have moved to Telegram.

We advise not to do business with these shady figuresand not to risk big penalties and to finance organized crime.

It is better to share a subscription with friends and, for a few euros, and to access the service in a legitimate way and in the meantime to support it. Thus hoping that in the coming years he will be able to take the rights for a greater number of matches, or for the entire Serie A. It is possible to save up to 80% of the subscription cost by using a sharing platform such as Together Price. In this regard, read the article How to share the Dazn subscription.

Why do pirates recommend having a VPN?

When one of the pirates or receivers is asked about the security of these IPTV lists, the answers are of three main types:

  • if you don't want to take risks, nothing is done (absurdly the most honest answer)
  • you just use them, you do not share and therefore you risk at most a fine (not at all as some customers caught on their own have experienced, we talked about it in the paragraph in which we explain what crime is committed using an IPTV):
  • uses a VPN service that does not store user information: thus it is not possible to trace the IP address and the precise identity (this is true, but it must be underlined that the tracking of payments can also lead to you).

We advise you, instead, to avoid IPTV lists containing i Pay channels. Because using them you commit a criminal offense and because ethically wrong not to pay content producers.