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iPhone, confirm some functions

iPhone, confirmed some functions | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Have you subscribed to the Cingular / AT & T mailing list for information on the iPhone? Have you noticed anything about the last e-mail received? A careful look could have identified two new icons on the iPhone animated GIF, never seen before, on the integration screen with Google Maps.

At the bottom left an icon with two reverse arrows. It is not clear what it could be used for, perhaps a zoom feature or to insert different data about the map. Still at the bottom but on the right, the icon of a car that according to some assumptions should serve to indicate traffic information relating to some American cities covered by the Google Maps service.

All this served to some sites to launch articles in which there was talk of a small scoop. In reality, as reported by Macity a few months ago, these functions were part of a group of functions that, even if only for a few moments, had been seen on the iPhone during the Jobs demonstration.

In any case, even if we are not dealing with real news, the images if nothing else serve to confirm the rumors and to reassure users on the progress made in the development of the software.

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