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Internet Appliance by Sony: eVilla.

Internet Appliance by Sony: eVilla. logomacitynet1200wide 1

From Sony another experiment that in a few months we will be able to judge whether an unnecessary exercise of style and technology or an effective solution for the masses that have yet to be computerized, is called eVilla – Network Entertainment Center, or, more aseptically, the model NTE-D101.With all that is eVilla you can use the web (Sony thinks of a specific eVilla Internet Service Provider unlimited time with four different accounts per device, it is not known yet whether worldwide or not, you know only that this special "flat" ISP will cost $ 21.95 a month in the USA) "for entertainment and communication without the complication of the computer". For this purpose eVilla has a display (FD Trinitron 15 ", 800 x 1024 positioned on the vertical) web-friendly with keyboard and mouse, a functional and finally not "Windows-everywhere" operating system (BeIA Client Platform of Be), a dedicated browser (Opera 4.0 for Be) and all the softwar e and hardware (Memory Sticks, two USB ports, ethernet and modem could not be missing) multimedia necessary to listen to radio stations on the web, to watch movies and digital photos. The eVilla has no fan, to marry the quiet family environment. All presented by Sony during the recent CES in Las Vegas, eVilla will be in US stores for $ 500 next spring; the type of processor to be mounted in these units has not yet been definitively decided, certainly it cannot be anything other than a Pentium-class X86 or any PowerPC since the client system of Be (at the time of CHRP among the alternative systems to Mac OS on our Mac) only on these platforms can it currently work.Mark Viken, president of the Personal Network Solutions Company division of Sony Electronics, said: ?using the Internet via PC can be a slow and frustrating experience for many people ", of course we Mac users are convinced that the president was referring to the use of, albeit beautiful (if not" sexy "as Steve Jobs recently apostrophized them at MacWorld in San Francisco), Vaio. a browser (Opera) as the centrality of a client system (BeIA), the result of Jean-Louis Gasse, ex Apple, in a slender hardware (still incomplete for the speech of the processor) makes us remember strongly the idea of ??Larry Ellison (Oracle) who has long been chasing the utopia (so far) of the Network Computer. There are other similar projects that we await at the gate, all developed with the dusted Be system: Compaq Clipper, Merinta iBrow and ePods One .

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