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Intel is targeting Crusoe

Intel targets Crusoe logomacitynet1200wide 1

Intel begins to feel the pressure of Transmeta. It is not possible to think anything else by learning the news that the Californian company has decided to push on the accelerator in the sector of low-consumption processors, right to the target of Transmeta, which with its Crusoe intends to target PC manufacturers who do not need exaggerated performance but only products that are on average fast but with very low consumption for the longest possible autonomy, point to a new Pentium that Intel announced and released yesterday. It is a class III chip with 500 MHz speed. "They are the lowest power PC processors ever built," they say triumphantly to Intel. The energy demands, on paper, appear really low: half a watt, half the consumption of the previous versions. The processors would have already been adopted by IBM which would have replaced them precisely to the Transmeta which were to be the CPUs for a ThinkPad destined for the Japanese market . The Big Blue laptop, thanks to the Intel processor, would have an autonomy of about 5 hours. The results in reducing consumption, Intel says, "were achieved without particular engineering efforts, only by leveraging some particular characteristics of the Pentium III released last October. The 600 MHz version (which consumes more than the 500 MHz NDR version) – still say to Intel – two or three times faster than a Crusoe at the same clock speed "

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