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How to use PayPal on the App Store and iTunes

Apple recently added the ability to make payments on the App Store and iTunes through the PayPal payment system, making it much faster and easier to securely pay for applications, music, movies and subscriptions to Apple Music or iCloud. Using PayPal is safer than using any credit card, but this method requires some settings to activate it on the Apple platform. If you have opened this article, you probably don't know how to activate this feature. Here is how to activate the possibility of using PayPal on the App Store and iTunes.

How to shop with PayPal on the App Store and iTunes

Today PayPal is one of the most popular and safest payment methods in the world, offering users the possibility of making purchases using a single virtual wallet. Just sign up, connect your bank account, prepaid card, debit or credit card (or all four) and you're done. Simple, fast and, above all, safe.

Precisely for these reasons, starting from 12 July 2017, Apple has decided to add the famous PayPal to the payment methods available on the App Store and iTunes, thus further increasing the possibility of providing customers with an additional way to facilitate purchases on own devices. But how do you enable PayPal on iOS? Simple, just follow these simple steps:

  • go to Settings -> iTunes Store and App Store;
  • touch on our Apple ID and choose the option "View Apple ID";
  • Enter the password and choose the "Payment info"

paypal on the app store

At this point, just select "PayPal", enter your credentials and proceed with the association. In this way we could make Apple purchases from the App Store, iTunes, iBook and also all the subscriptions offered by the Cupertino giant (such as Apple Music and iCloud) through the payment method. Once enabled the new option, which supports PayPal's One Touch, it will also be possible to make purchases from all Apple devices, including Apple TV and Apple Watch.

If you have decided to use PayPal as your payment method, you will need to verify your account. You will be sent a code via an SMS on your mobile number associated with PayPal. If you are unable to access the verification code, you will probably have to log into your PayPal account to update your mobile number.

Once this simple operation has been carried out, all future purchases with AppleID will be automatically managed through the linked PayPal account.