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How to transfer passwords saved on Google Chrome

Passwords protect our access to various online services (banks, emails, teleworking stations, streaming and much more). On PC they are the privileged way to identify us, still biometric identification (through fingerprints, irises, etc.) that is not very common.

For security reasons you should never use the same password on multiple servicesand our keywords should consist of lowercase uppercase letters and symbols (check the security of your most important passwords). It therefore becomes increasingly difficult to remember all our passwords and for this reason all modern browsers offer a credential saving service. (password manager) with also the possibility of export saved passwords (as we will see later with Google Chrome).

Even Chrome in fact has a password manager and for this reason that every time we log in to a new site it invites us to save the password. For many of us who use Google Chrome habitually all these saved passwords are a fundamental component of our life in If you want to use passwords saved on Chrome even on different browsers, such as Firefox and Opera, you will have to export Google Chrome passwords and import them on other browsers.

In this article: export passwords from Chrome | import password on Firefox | import password on Chrome

Export passwords from Chrome in CSV format

CSV format is a format for spreadsheets, by exporting i password manager other browsers will be able to easily import passwords.

The very simple procedure, you need to:

  • open Chrome, and go to the top right of the interface on the button with the three points placed vertically;
  • click on "Settings" and then on "Password";
  • also on this page there is an icon with the three dots placed vertically next to the wording "Password Saved", click on it;
  • the entry "Export password" will appear. Click on it and a security warning will open;

how to export password from google chrome

  • respond to the security warning by pressing the "Export password" button;
  • now choose the folder in which to save the file and then click on ?Save? to export the passwords to the file.

Please pay particular attention to the saved file, because it contains unencrypted all passwords that you have saved on Chrome.

Once exported, the file can be used in various ways: it can be simply opened via an app for spreadsheets (such as Excel and Calc), or, as already mentioned, it can be imported into another browser.

How to import Chrome passwords into Firefox

If you want to switch to the well-known free browser (maybe right after the introduction of Quantum) and you want transfer passwords the export procedure described in the previous paragraph is not necessary, instead it is sufficient:

  • close Chrome completely;
  • start Firefox and click on the men button located at the top right and characterized by three overlapping segments;
  • click on "Options";
  • on the left click on "Privacy and security";
  • scroll to the "Access and Password" section and click on the "Saved access" button;
  • in the new window click on the "Import" button;

how to transfer password to firefox

  • spunter the procedure dialog, choose "Chrome" and press "Next";
  • at this point leave the check only next to the item ?Saved passwords"And press Next, then the import will be performed.

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How to import passwords on Chrome

To import passwords saved in a CSV file into a new installation of Google Chrome you need enable the import.

The very simple enabling:

  • go to the address bar and write "chrome: // flags /" and click enter (read more about the chrome flags);
  • in the page that opens in the search bar write "Password import", in this way the entry "Password import" should appear;
  • next to this item select from the drop-down menu "Enabled" (as on screen);
  • finally click on the blue button at the bottom right "Relaunch Now".

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At this point the function enabled and therefore to use it you must:

  • start Chrome and go to the top right of the interface on the button with the three points placed vertically;
  • click on "Settings" and then on "Password";
  • then press on the icon with the three vertical points and on the "Import password" item;
  • finally indicate the CSV file in which our passwords were saved.