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How to take screenshots on Windows PC

To capture a snapshot of the screen of your PC or of a web page we are visiting, there are various methods, ranging from the simple tool integrated in Windows, up to programs created specifically to create screenshots. The captured image can be of a precise part or of the entire screen. On this then, you can make changes by adding text, arrows and various effects.

We can also take a screenshot of a web page through various online services, even if the site in question exceeds the size of your screen. So if you want to stop taking pictures via smartphone on your computer screen (of course we joke), in this guide we will show you how to take screenshots on PC with Windows and Mac, through the best methods, programs and online services currently available.

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How to take screenshots via:

Integrated tool in Windows

You can take screenshots on Windows without installing any programs, by relying on Windows integrated tool called "Capture tool", which can be called up from the ?Start", As also shown in the image below:

Windows capture tool

Once you open this tool, you can easily take screenshots of the entire screen or only part of it, using the keys provided by the tool.

This tool has only very small differences between Windows 7, 8.1 and Windows 10. Below you see both interfaces, however the available functions are the same.

how to take screenshots on windows 7

how to take screenshots on windows 10

You can make a new screenshot by clicking on ?New", Choose the capture mode by clicking on the"mode"And finally choose the delay with which to take the shots with the"Slows". Simple but effective!

2 Alternative method

Another method for making screenshots of the PC by pressing the ?stamp", which is located in the upper right part of the keyboard.

After pressing this button, we will have stored everything that appears on our screen, so you just have to paste it (by pressing CTRL + V) on a graphics program (such as Paint or Photoshop) and save the image. If you do not want to edit the screen photograph, it can also be pasted on textual programs such as Word or in the body of an email message.

3 Alternative method

If you have Windows 8.x or Windows 10 on your computer, by pressing the keys Windows + Stamp, a snapshot of the desktop in PNG format will be taken and saved directly in the folder ?Images"Of the PC, without using any graphic program. By pressing instead Alt + Stamp only the window currently in the foreground will be screened.

Free programs to take screenshots


If you are looking for something more professional to make screenshots, you can use Greenshot, a free program available for download from the following link:

DOWNLOAD | Greenshot

Greenshot "width =" 405 "height =" 485 "srcset =" 405w, wp-content / uploads / 2017/12 / Greenshot-251x300.jpg 251w, 351w "data-lazy-sizes = "(max-width: 405px) 100vw, 405px" /></p>
<p>Once this program is installed, it will be placed in the system bar at the bottom right and will allow you to take screenshots using the keyboard shortcuts or by opening the menu, by right-clicking on the icon. This program allows you to capture each window or screen selection, also offering an image editor that is simple to use and very useful for adding arrows, indicators, numbers, text, hiding digits or sensitive numbers etc. Greenshot can be programmed to send the uploaded screenshots, directly to an online service such as Imgur, so as to immediately obtain the link to share the screenshot on social and not only. This program is also available for MAC, but at a cost of $ 1.99.</p>
<p>Another valid free program to make screenshots on Windows ShareX, available at the following link:</p>
<p><strong>DOWNLOAD |</strong> ShareX</p>
<p><img class=How to take a screenshot of a web page

Sometimes the tools built into Windows or third-party PC programs are not enough to take a screenshot of a web page. This happens especially if the web page is longer than your computer screen can display, a problem that would force you to make multiple screenshots to be glued together to obtain a single image of the whole site.

In this case they exist two excellent solutions to get around this problem:

The first using convenient websites / online services, whose operation is very simple. In fact, once the link of the web page to be taken is inserted, these online services do everything automatically, capturing a screenshot of the entire site for its entire length. The services we recommend you use are as follows

Similar operation for all three online services, take for example the first site mentioned. All you have to do is insert the link / URL of the site you want to capture, select the image format with which you prefer to save it (you can leave JPEG image), click on the button below "Capture web page?, Which you find just below and wait for 30 seconds per minute.

screenshots web pages

Once you have finished capturing the image of the entire site, you can see the entire image by clicking on "View", Download it by clicking on"Download"Or in ZIP format by clicking on"Download as a ZIP archive".

This type of optimal solution for all sites accessible without access credentials (login and password), so you can use it on all sites except Social Network, Mail and the like. If you are looking for a solution, in this particular type of site, take a look at the second solution.

The second method consists in the use of browser extensions. The extensions we recommend you use are: