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How to install Emus4u on iOS 10 [No Jailbreak]

In this guide we will see how to download and install the Emus4u application on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 10. To perform the necessary steps to install Emus4u on iOS 10 on your iPhone, you don't need any jailbreak and not even a computer to have all the console emulators you want at hand.

Emus4u basically an app for iOS devices that allows you to install various apps, games, tweaks and themes on iPhone / iPad devices. You don't even need to pay a cent to install any application from this app store. Also, you don't need to jailbreak on your iDevice and it is simulated as if you had Cydia. You can get free simulators and apps like GBA4iOS, Pokemon Go, Provenance emulator, Minecraft, Movie Box and many other applications that are no longer available on the official App Store store.

The emulators are available through this application, and actually more than an installer, which allows you to access a number of new modified applications and tweak experiences that would otherwise be applicable to jailbroken devices. So, without further delay, let's see how to install Emus4u on iOS 10.

The guide to install Emus4u on iOS 10

Step 1: First of all, you will have to go to the official website of the application to view the information and the installation process. You can do this by launching Safari on your iOS device and going to the following URL:

Step 2: The page will open like any website and give you an overview of the application itself and also highlights the characteristics of that application. Once the exploration of the information is complete, you will see that you find a "Install onto your iDeivce" button. Click on the button to continue.install Emus4u on iOS 10 1

Step 3: A new notice will appear that essentially requires authorization to open the application Settings on your iPhone. Click on Allow to continue.install Emus4u on iOS 10 2

Step 4: You will see a new configuration profile for the Emus4u application. Click on Install in the top navigation bar to continue. When prompted, enter the access code of your device to proceed with the installation.install Emus4u on iOS 10 3

Step 5: Touch again Installon the new notice that appears. You have now granted iOS permission to install the profile and the underlying Emus4u application. Proceed by clicking on end in the top navigation bar to continue.

Step 6: It is now possible to exit Safari and return to the iPhone home screen. You will immediately notice the new Emus4u application icon waiting to be opened. Click on it to open it as you would any other application.install Emus4u on iOS 10 4

Step 7: The Emus4u logo appears on the first page with the date of the last update. If you want to start installing your favorite emulators to play the games of your favorite consoles on your iPhone, you must click on Apps in the menu at the bottom and all the available emulator apps will open. install Emus4u on iOS 10 5

Step 8: Just click on the buttoninstallplaced next to your favorite emulator and you're done.install Emus4u on iOS 10 6

This all! Jailbreaking may be late for your iOS version, but now you can experience Emus4u and have a feeling quite close to Cydia on a non-jailbroken device!

As I said earlier, you can use this app to get many applications and emulators. Now let's see, for example how to install GBA4iOS using this app. You can use the same procedure to install any other application from this app.

How to install apps from Emus4u

To install any application from this app store, the device must have an internet connection. Make sure your Wifi is turned on before installing any applications.

  1. Start the Emus4u application from the device.
  2. After launching the Emus4u installer, you will find several emulators, games and applications,
  3. Find the GBA4iOS emulator (it will probably be the first), click on the button installwhich is located next to the emulator. From the banner that appears on the screen, click on the "Install?That you find at the bottom.
  4. Wait a few seconds to complete the installation. Go now at Settings >> General >> Profile and device management and check the profile of this emulator (Skip this step if it will be automatically trusted).install Emus4u on iOS 10 7
  5. You must check the profile of each app installed by this app to open and use them.

"Unable to download app" from Emus4u: how to solve

Installing Emus4u on iOS 10 is not difficult, but you can encounter problems when installing a new app via Emus4u. At this stage you may receive the error message "Unable to download app, currently unable to download the app ". If this happens to you too, it means that Apple may have revoked the certificates for a specific app. This revocation does not allow you to complete the installation via Emus4u.install Emus4u on iOS 10 8

This does not mean that it will no longer be possible to install the app via Emus4u. You just have to wait for the developers to solve the problem by inserting new certificates. If you also encounter the problem "Couldn't download app ?? ", I advise you to retry the installation after a few days.

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