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How to download Steam games using your smartphone

If you have a great passion for computer video games and you are used to taking advantage of sales or trying many new titles through the Steam platform, you will have the pleasure of knowing that you can easily download Steam games on PC even when you away from home, directly through the smartphone.

In this article, find out all the ways you can download Steam games to PC from your smartphone in this comprehensive guide.

Download games using the official Steam apps

The first method, the official one, as well as one of the simplest, involves the use of the official Steam app, downloadable for free on the smartphone for Android and iOS devices.

steam android to download games remotely

The app allows you to access the whole Steam catalog and to buy any game quickly and easily, just open the left side menu and open the "Shop" menu.

Once you find the game you are interested in, you can quickly purchase it by tapping with your finger on "Add to cart" at the price of the game; once added to the cart, go to the "Shop"> "Cart" to end purchases. The payment method used the same as the client on PC, so it is not necessary to enter it again. Alternatively, you can always opt for the purchase of a key from a retailer such as g2a or similar.

The purchased game will come immediately added to library Steam and, if the gaming PC is still on, the download will start automatically, without doing anything else.

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This way you can buy a game when you away from home (making sure to leave the gaming PC on) and find it on the way back already downloaded and ready to start; obviously the download speed depends on the internet available.

Downloading Steam games with purchase via mobile browser

If you don't want to install any app on your smartphone, you can still purchase the games for Steam using the integrated mobile browser (chrome or safari) on your mobile device.

The only thing to do is to visit the site and use your Steam account credentials: mobile steam. <Img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-38765 size-medium" data-lazy-type = "image" src = "×300.jpg” alt=”Steam from mobile browser” width=”162″ height=”300″ data-lazy-/>

It is sufficient to use the side menu, log in with the "Log in" button and use the same menus seen in the previous paragraph (Shop and Cart) to purchase any game on Steam.

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Again if the gaming PC is turned on, the game will come automatically downloaded at the end of the purchase.

Method for remote PC control

Alternatively, if you are particularly skilled, you can always directly control Steam on the gaming PC using one of the many free software for remote control of the computer.

One of the many that we have already mentioned on our pages, TeamViewer. The software must be installed both on the PC to be controlled and on the mobile device. The PC program can be downloaded from the official website. The apps for remote control from smartphones instead can be downloaded from the Play Store or the App Store.

Once the program is installed, run it on a PC in order to obtain the ID and password needed for remote control:

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-38767 size-medium" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /TeamViewer-password-300×238.jpg” alt=”TeamViewer password” width=”300″ height=”238″ data-lazy-/>

Mark this information and use it on the mobile app by clicking on "Remote control".

<img class = "lazy lazy-hidden aligncenter wp-image-38768 size-medium" data-lazy-type = "image" src = " /TeamViewer-mobile_risultato-162×300.jpg” alt=”Mobile TeamViewer” width=”162″ height=”300″ data-lazy-/>

Team Viewerwill allow you to see everything that happens on the desktop of the gaming PC and start Steam without problems, remotely acting for the purchase of games or to start the download and check it at periodic intervals.

Carrying out the registration in TeamViewer you can bookmark your computer and log back in without having to remember your ID and password each time. Definitely a convenient and fast way to download Steam games (maybe even taking up a lot of space) on your PC through your smartphone.