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Here is Wordflow, the Microsoft keyboard for iOS

The keyboard created by Microsoft for iOS is shown in an unofficial video and seems almost ready for release

There are new details coming up on Wordflow, the touch keyboard that Microsoft is developing for the Apple, iOS operating system. Its existence had been unveiled in January, and shortly afterwards its basic functionalities also emerged: possibility of scrolling, text prediction and one-hand writing mode which compacts the letters on the right or left side of the screen.

The video that emerged on YouTub via MacRumors fully confirms this range of features by adding to the mix the possibility of applying on the keyboard background preset themes or images of your choice with a rather complete choice of color options.

(Photo: MacRumors)(Photo: MacRumors)

The software looks almost ready for the exit and showed itself in action on iOS, the only operating system on which the beta is taking place, from which all the details have emerged so far. Nothing excludes that Wordflow may also arrive in the future on Android (a potentially larger pool of users for Microsoft), but at the moment there is no information about it.


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