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Google Allo vs WhatsApp: how does the new Google Smart Messaging app

Google Just arrived, after being announced at the Google I / O conference earlier this year and people are already proclaiming him as the WhatsApp killer. Although we agree that Allo's Smart Reply function and integration with Google Assistant are some really intuitive additions, there is still a long way to go before it can even think of becoming a valid competition for proprietary WhatsApp of Facebook. If you used Allo, you must have enjoyed it and you must have wondered how it goes against WhatsApp, right? Well, let's find out!

Note . We are comparing Google Allo and WhatsApp from an Android users point of view, but most of the points should also be valid for iPhone users.

Google Allo: so unique?

Like WhatsApp, Google Allo includes the usual features that you would expect in a messaging app such as the ability to share multimedia content and location, personalized notifications, read receipts, voice messages, GIF support, group chat etc. However, let's talk about the features that make Google Allo stand out from the popular WhatsApp.

Let's start with a rather simple functionality like stickers, which is something that many people have wanted for WhatsApp. To pack stickers together with a sticker shop, where you can download more. The store does not pack a ton of stickers, starting now, but it should change soon, as Allo starts to get some traction.

  • Shout or whisper a message

While Allo doesn't have the ability to format the text, it does include a shout and whisper feature, which is nothing more than the ability to increase or decrease the size of a text to make it more expressive. You can simply type in a text and press the Submit button to increase or decrease the size of a text.

Google Allo also includes a fantastic incognito chat mode, similar to Telegram's secret chat feature, which includes a self-destruct timer, discreet notifications, and messages sent in the chat are end-to-end encrypted. Self-destructing messages are another feature that is missing from WhatsApp, so Allo wins some brownie points here.

Now, here that Google Allo excels. Today there are many messaging apps available and none of them pose a threat to WhatsApp because it does not have a killer function. Well, Allo's Smart Reply is something that makes the messaging app much more compelling. The intelligent answers are AI-based answer suggestions for a text or a photo and not a trick, as we tried the function and it definitely works incredibly well. For example, when you receive a "How are you?" Message, Allo offers you response suggestions such as "Good and you?", "Am I okay?", "Well, you?".

It also brings response suggestions when a photo is sent. For example, get a picture of a dog, Allo will suggest you answers like "Cute dog!", "So cute!". Furthermore, these smart responses are available directly in the shadow of the notification, so you don't even need to open the app.

While Allo's Smart Reply function not yet able to handle complicated messages, Google says it will get much better over time, as it learns from your way of conversing. Overall, Smart Reply is certainly useful when you need to reply to messages on the move, without taking a long time. Once you've used it, WhatsApp is likely to have this feature.

Google Assistant makes Allo a messaging app much more functional and this is something you will miss on WhatsApp. Google Assistant everything we imagined was a Google virtual assistant and more. The Assistant integrated directly into Allo and you can use it between chats via @google or use your own chat thread. You can ask "What can you do" to get an overview of all its features. You can use it to get various results like weather information, flight information, news, nearby places, browse, play, translate languages and more. You can even use it for set an alarm or reminder .

In addition, everything works directly within the app, so you don't have to leave a conversation to check flights, weather, news or anything else. Also, not Google Now, e has a personality, just like Siri or Cortana, so if you're bored, you can ask him to sing a song, tell a joke or just talk to him.

While stickers and incognito chats may not entice a user to use Allo, Smart Reply and Google Assistant are some really interesting features. Well, to summarize, WhatsApp should be scared! WhatsApp may be a feature-rich messaging app, but it certainly lacks Google Allo's intelligence.

What is Allo missing?

Google Allo is still a budding messaging app, so if you compare it on WhatsApp, you will find a long list of missing features. However, not all of them are switches, so it's all up to you. Let's take a look at some features that Allo lacks compared to WhatsApp:

If you are used to making calls on WhatsApp, you will surely lose it on Allo. WhatsApp Calls a very useful feature, as it allows you to make calls over WiFi or mobile data and works well even if you have a decent internet connection. It also includes a data save mode, so you don't have to worry about losing much of the bandwidth of your mobile data. While Google offers video calls with Duo, a separate app, which is not a great user experience.

  • Last visa check, status and reading received

Google Allo lacks the "last seen" feature of WhatsApp and there can be a good or bad thing, depending on what you want. However, you have to agree that the last view is a good way to know if an active person is or not. Also, Allo doesn't show you when someone online and while they include them read receipts, not there is no way to disable it, unlike WhatsApp. Another feature lacking in the Status Updates, which is not necessarily a puzzle, but useful if you want your contacts to know what's going on with you late. In addition, WhatsApp offers more privacy features, such as the ability to hide the last image, profile or status.

  • Share files and text formatting

In addition to sharing multimedia content, WhatsApp also allows you to share PDF files, documents, spreadsheets and presentations, which are useful if you want to quickly send a file to a contact. On the other hand, Allo only allows you to share multimedia content and location. Also, as mentioned earlier, Allo lacks WhatsApp's available formatting features such as bold, italic and strike-through.

Unlike WhatsApp, which allows you to backup your chats on Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iPhone), Allo any type of backup function is missingwhich is certainly surprising considering it's Google. When you uninstall and reinstall the app on your device, you only get the group chat names and none of your chats are restored. While Google is expected to provide backup support sooner or later, the lack of a backup feature could definitely pose a problem for some people.

Now this could be another problem for someone. Google Allo currently limited to Android smartphones and iPhone, which could annoy people who want to access their messages on a computer. On the other hand, WhatsApp offers a web client and a desktop app and, although they are not run independently, they are quite useful if you want to use the messenger from your computer.

User interface

If you've tried Google Allo, you must have noticed that its user interface very similar to WhatsApp and certainly not a coincidence. Google knows that WhatsApp is the most popular messenger and the simple user interface makes the app attractive for every section of users. There are however a few small differences, because Allo incorporates Google's most praised material design, with the mobile button and the use of colors.

In addition, it includes the hamburger menu, which opens a navigation drawer, which in my opinion is much easier to access, compared to the WhatsApp three-point menu button on Android, especially on larger phones. Also, I like the fact that the Google Assistant is integrated directly into the app and there isn't a specific page or interface dedicated to it, which could have caused a messy experience. Overall, WhatsApp and Allo, both have a fairly similar user interface, which is simple to use and simple. Having said that, the Allo interface looks more modern .


WhatsApp has been studied in the past to offer users fairly modest security, however, modified with the recent version that brought end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp encrypts all chats and data like voice messages, media etc. End-to-end, which means that not even WhatsApp can read your messages. However, a recent update of its privacy policy has stated that the app will share user information with Facebook. While you can choose not to share data with Facebook, if you act early, not a long-term solution.

Google Allo is a little missing when it comes to security, as it does it only incorporates end-to-end encryption in incognito chat mode . In addition, with the Google Assistant integrated and providing you with contextual answers and results, it goes without saying that Google is recovering data from your messages. While we will improve the Smart Reply and Assistant functions, not the safer process.

To sum up, WhatsApp the safest solution between the two, considering that it only shares user data such as mobile number, contacts etc. And not the messages with Facebook. On the other hand, Google Allo lacks end-to-end encryption across the app and the Smart Reply and Assistant features will surely take your message data to improve.

Google Allo vs WhatsApp: Comparison table

FeaturesGoogle AlloWhatsapp
Stickers s No
Self destructive messages s No
Voice messages s s
Formatting the text Font size Increase or decrease Font, bold, italic, strikethrough
calls No s
Sharing files No s
Last viewed No s
Read the receipts s s
Custom notifications s s
Smart answer s No
Virtual assistant or bot s No
End-to-end encryption Incognito chat only App-wide
GIF support s s
Availablity Android, iPhone Android, iPhone, Windows, Mac, Web

Google Allo versus WhatsApp: The War Is On!

When it comes to messaging apps, what makes or breaks the user base. We only use the apps used by our friends and why you should use a messaging app that your friends don't use. So the point, while Allo might be well equipped with killer features, it will be important to see if convincing enough to make people use it for a long duration. If he manages it, then yes, we finally have a competition equivalent to WhatsApp.

To summarize, Google Allo certainly offers something unique, which is appreciable but still lacks some features that people love on WhatsApp. However, if you ask me, none of the features that are missing a big problem, if you consider that only a messaging app. The bottom line is that you will love Google Allo, but it all depends on whether your friends love it or not.

Well, that's what I think, and you? Have you already tried Google Allo? In your opinion, how is it going with WhatsApp? Audio muted in the comments section below.