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Glued, the app to spend less time on the phone and more with the family

The whole family works to avoid the ever-on: a points system to play together, parents and children


Every now and then someone tries to invent an app that keeps users as far away from smartphones as possible. Glued offers a slightly different perspective: he does not exclusively try to discourage the use of mobile technologies, but tries to make them become privileged communication channels with his family, to share detoxification.

Created by an English developer together with his wife and son, the app designed to reward users who spend less time in front of their mobile phone, in a group."Incorrect enough for parents to ask their children not to use iPads, iPhones or iPods, when they are the first to stick around"NicoleCarman told TNW. And in fact, the app invites a common effort, as well as internal competition within the group. The more the family will reduce the use of smartphones, the more points they will earn. The application, for iOS, highly customizable and takes into account the moment of the tasks and working hours and encourages you to reach goals: Dinner Downtime, Tech Free Tuesdays and Weekend Wildtime.

According to recent research conducted by Common Sense Media, American teenagers spend 9 hours of their day in front of the media – all of them – for their enjoyment.


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