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Gates, Roman reverence

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We will not dwell on the concepts of the maximum systems that have filled the auditorium of the Confindustria which in Rome, for the conference "What will remain of the New Economy", saw as guest of honor (among all the Italian notables, more or less powerful) Bill Gates, honored and revered like a demigod. Rather, as usual, we will tell about topics related to what you read every day in our historic slogan "Mac and hi-tech news since 1996", leaving out to comment true doormats like ?Bill Gates is a myth for the collective imagination (…) knowing from him what will happen in his opinion is a fundamental opportunity", Phrases pronounced by Antonio D?Amato, president of Confindustria. However, we doubt that there was an indispensable need to learn from the Vate that"what will happen in the next five years will have nothing to do with what happened in the past". Maybe to learn that "the future will be something unimaginable"It was not necessary to bother William Gates III from Redmond. We then learn that our Bill met the President of the Republic Ciampi, not missing the opportunity to do a little car show and show him the prototype of the Microsoft Tablet PC by passing him, this time perhaps with a fund of truth, for "the future" since for now the Tablet PC just does not exist. Gates, we learn, believes, unlike Steve Jobs, that the PC as it is is not yet dead. We would be amazed at the opposite, given that the PC – as it is today – provides Microsoft, avoiding any innovation, with most of the profits. The "clock tycoon" (a bit like Bill Clinton with the attack on Baghdad on the occasion of his troubles with his beloved Monica) he also discussed, according to press sources, with the Minister of Industry, telecommunications monopolies. Focal point of the face-to-face elimination of the latter (in the sense that Gates agrees). Who knows if the Minister found the right words to ask him what he thought of the megamonopoly of the operating systems? Recall that just a few hours ago the reasons for the appeal were filed (in the case of a monopoly underway in the USA) by the lawyers of Redmond and it will still take months to arrive at the sentence.The impression that, once again, William Gates III from Redmond, with the minimum effort and a little bit of fried air, has achieved the maximum aim of being present for free and love on the pages of all average of the countries he travels spreading what can certainly not be called pills of wisdom. He then concluded with "there is no longer an opportunity to cover and mystify" and we, who always accept the advice, hope to have made a small contribution in this direction.

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