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Facebook, incoming messages that self-destruct on Messenger

Images of messages appeared with the option of self-destruction with different time intervals after sending: Facebook on the war against Snapchat


Snapchat will have to start looking over its shoulder more than expected. According to some screenshots published by the iOSAppChanges Twitter profile, Messenger is introducing self-destructing messages, Snapchat's first and most famous workhorse.

According to what we read, with the update 68.0 of Messenger for iOS, the app warns of the introduction of "disappearing messages", Which you can optionally delete after 15 minutes, an hour, four hours or a day after sending.

The news, combined with that according to which the London Facebook team is developing an app exclusively dedicated to photos and live videos, provides a fairly clear picture of Zuckerberg and the company's projects. And Snapchat, from the top of its 10 billion videos viewed every day, will still have to pay attention to the competition.


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