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Cortana now translates from Italian into 50 languages

Windows 10's voice assistant is now a bit more useful: by drawing your attention it can translate simple sentences from Italian to 50 foreign languages

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

Microsoft's voice assistant, Cortana, is now getting a little more proficient with languages. The Redmond house is in fact activating the server side a updating for the service, which will make it able to instantly translate pronounced phrases into Italian into 50 languagesamong all those supported by the operating system, all without typing a word on the keyboard.

Just draw Cortana's attention with the appropriate button in Windows 10 and introduce the request with the commands "translate (phrase) in (tongue)" or"how do you say (phrase) in (tongue)".

(Photo: Microsoft)Occasionally there is some small catch (Photo: Microsoft)

In case Cortana does not understand the command or does not have a ready translation (the sentences they don't have to be too complexnot too long) however, it will lead to a web page containing the pronounced sentence.

The update also concerns French, German and Spanish users and adds the option that previously was exclusive to English and Chinese among the functions of Cortana in these countries: the possibility of translating all products equipped with the operating system in the specified languages ??will arrive at time without the need to download data packages.


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