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Corel: the Mac will save us

Corel: the Mac will save us | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

At Corel they are certain: the future of the company will be rosy and full of successes, thanks also and above all to the Mac software. The Ottawa company believes that the series of products purchased by MetaCreations last year, while a serious crisis, already he was gripping it, they are a very important weapon in his race to relaunch. Corel CEO Derek Burney, who outlined plans for 2001 at a press conference held yesterday in the Canadian city, supported this thesis. strengthened our belief that the Mac platform – said Burney – is an area where we can be very successful. This is why we are consolidating our sector that takes care of support for MacOs. In the coming months we will look for new vertical markets in the graphics sector and the Mac will be a very important platform in this effort. "According to some sites, Corel, which also presented a new logo that you can see at the bottom of the page, will launch a version of CorelDraw 10 both for MacOs 9 and for MacOs X next summer and make native for the new operating system, not forgetting also for the current one, also CorelDraw, Painter, Bryce, KPT and KnockOut. "During the recent Expo – Burney said – we have received great feedback from Mac users that comforts us in our beliefs on the platform". Burney denied rumors that Corel plans to sell the Mac version of WordPerfect by adding that it currently has no plans to update or release a new release.Corel has announced that it will scale back the CorelOffice package offering, that it will lose international versions, and that an upgrade will be launched within the year that will include part of Microsoft's .Net technology. "This should give our users a reason to update their suites – Burney said – our strategy on CorelOffice changes. From now on we will no longer go to the head-on collision with Microsoft (which has invested in Corel (NDR). We want to look for territories where our products represent the only solution. "Corel also confirmed that, as already mentioned in the past and after some unconvinced denials), is trying to sell the entire Linux sector although there is some interest in some aspects of the OpenSource operating system market.

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