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Chromecast app for Android: the best for videos and movies

Have you decided to focus on the Chromecast's multimedia capabilities for your TV in the living room but you don't know which app to use with your Android device? Chromecast was born to be exploited by an Android smartphone and tablet, with an integration that has little to envy to that visible with Apple products. In this guide I will show you the best Chromecast apps for Android to watch streaming movies and videos saved on the PC or on the internal memory of the device.

Chromecast app for Android

Google Home

Chromecast app for Android

The app with which to configure and manage a new Chromecast Google Home. This app will offer you the wizard with which to connect the Chromecast to your home WiFi network, in addition to offering you an overview of the apps compatible with the Google dongle. It also offers the possibility to send the internal screen of your Android smartphone or tablet to the TV in order to take advantage of games and view social media on the TV.

You can download this app from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Google Home

Web Video Cast

Web Video Cast

Another very useful app to watch movies streamed from the web on TV Web Video Cast. With this app you can send the videos captured by the most famous streaming sites to send them to the Chromecast, so you can enjoy them on a much larger screen. Cast offers a web browser with advanced pop-up and invasive message blocking, so you can browse streaming sites avoiding traps and deceptive messages. In addition to the Chromecast, this app supports Apple TV, Roku, Android TV and DLNA devices.

You can download Web Video Cast from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |Web Video Cast

LocalCast for Chromecast

Chromecast app for Android

If you have photos or videos saved in the internal memory or on the microSD of your Android device, you can easily play them using an app like LocalCast. With this app you can see all the photos in scrolling mode and play videos compatible with Chromecast easily.

You can download LocalCast for Chromecast from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |LocalCast for Chromecast

BubbleUPnP for DLNA / Chromecast (paid)

Chromecast app for Android

If you have a large collection of movies or TV series on your PC, you can view them all on your TV using the capabilities of BubbleUPnP, an app that can offer the conversion of files not compatible with Chromecast and to interface with any media server on your PC . If you have multimedia content on your PC, this is the right app to install on your Android smartphone or tablet for maximum compatibility.

To function at its best it requires a server to be installed on the PC; you can install this component for free from the link available below.

DOWNLOAD |BubbleUPnP Server for Windows

Once the server is installed and configured, you can download this paid app from the following link.

DOWNLOAD |BubbleUPnP for DLNA / Chromecast (3.99)

Other Chromecast apps for Android

In addition to the apps that I recommended to you earlier, you can try one of the following apps dedicated to streaming audio and video content.

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