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Best e-invoicing app

From 1st January 2019, professionals and all those who provide a service for individuals are required by law, to make an electronic invoice instead of the previous paper invoice. In fact, lavecchia modality is replaced by an XML format file which, once compiled and digitally signed, is sent to the public server of the service (theRevenue Agency Interchange System).

L'electronic invoicing obligation leading to the transition from the old to the new invoice model, it may appear complicated, but not at all. This change will also lead to a decisive step forward towards the simplification of relations between the public administration and the citizen, especially towards those who issue invoices.

In recent months, several services have been created to facilitate this transition and many are online platforms, but for smartphones the situation is very different. In fact, there are not many applications that allow complete management of this new obligation and in this article we try to list the pinote and describe them by summarizing user feedback.

FatturaAE – Electronic Invoice Revenue Agency

invoice-electronic app of the revenue agency

FatturaAE the official application provided by the Revenue Agency. It is a totally free tool that allows you to issue electronic invoices and keep them in accordance with the law. Application with great potential, but at the moment it is clear from the numerous feedback reviews of those who have used it, that it is still an unripe tool with several bugs, which still does not handle different functions.PRO: Free issue and storage.VERSUS: Unripe application, difficult access with SPID.

Invoice1click – Electronic invoicing

invoice1click electronic invoicing

Fattura1click the application dedicated to electronic invoicing most reviewed on stores. The service allows to issue and receive all electronic invoices and has a service to request fuel invoices at the end of a self-service refueling. The functions for receiving and requesting fuel invoices are free, while the emission has a package cost.PRO: Free unlimited invoice receipt, required electronic fuel invoice free, very easy invoice issue.VERSUS: Issue for a fee (cost per package, maximum 1 per invoice)

Electronic Invoice 01

Electronic Invoice 01

Little-used app, from which we cannot have objective feedback given the few reviews, but the impression that it is a good service useful only for the issue of electronic invoices to PA. It does not allow reception.PRO: Free and complete issue to the Public Administration.VERSUS: incomplete service, only manages the issue to the Public Administration.

Best app for electronic invoice

Analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the various applications, the best app to manage electronic invoicing undoubtedly Fattura1click. On the one hand there are no real alternatives, on the other the undoubtedly complete and well-structured service. The unlimited receipt of electronic invoices is a plus and the request for a fuel invoice is something that facilitates the life of all VAT holders.

The service stations listed at the moment are around 6,000 on the whole Italian territory, some areas are more covered, others less. The issue, the only paid function of the app, done really well and in a few steps allows you to issue an electronic invoice. Last but not least, the possibility of scanning the QR code with the camera.For all owners of VAT, the ideal electronic invoicing app to have on their smartphone.