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Best data recovery software

Often in the IT field it happens to delete files inadvertently, for these reasons all modern operating systems are equipped with trash. Recover deleted files from the simple basket, just click on it with the right button and choose the item ?Restore". Problems (and associated cold sweats) arise when you format a hard disk or a memory drive (such as a USB stick) that contains important files, or when these files are permanently deleted by mistake or because of a virus.

As you have seen, there are several occasions when you can lose a file, but the situation is not always irreversible, at least until the bytes that contained the file information are overwritten.

recover deleted files

At this point, the first thing to do is not to panic and move carefully, making sure not to write any further files on the drive that contained the deleted files. To carry out the data recovery, there are usually two ways:

  • rely on a reliable professional recovery service, which unfortunately has prohibitive costs;
  • use software to scan the surface of the memory unit to find traces of the deleted file and reconstruct it.

In this article we will talk about the second way and the free software (in trial version) that allows you to follow it.

Use EraseUS Data recovery to recover data

If you have deleted files for a total weight up to 2 GB, with EraseUS Data recovery trial you can recover them easily, for free. You can restore up to 500 MB with the free version or up to 2 GB of data by clicking on the "Share?In the Wizard.

If instead you exceed the 2 GB threshold, you can buy the Pro version, which thanks to our exclusive link, will give you the opportunity to take advantage of one 50% off%, with substantial savings on the full version.

Before starting recovery you need:

  • of an additional memory unit (USB stick, external HD, another internal disk, a memory card, etc.) of a size greater than the amount of data you need to recover.
  • to install EraseUS Data recovery on a unit other than that you will find the deleted files.

Both precautions serve because in data recovery you should never write to the drive where the files to be recovered are located, as this can lead to overwriting of the bytes and permanent loss of part of the affected data.

Simple installation, you need to:

  • go to the Italian version of EaseUS Data Recoveryo and click on the "Free trial" or "Free download"For the English version;
  • once the download is complete, click on the executable, the installation procedure and the software are in Italian;
  • first press on ?Come on", Then on"accept"And then select the installation path (as we said, avoid using the same unit from which the data must be recovered);
  • once the folder has been selected click on ?Confirmation"And finally on"Install".

Once the installation is complete, you can start the program and proceed to the real and proper recovery of the data.

Even in this case the procedure is very simple and guided once started EaseUS Data RecoveryWizard:

  • in the home of the application choose the drive or folder from which you want to recover the deleted files;

Free data recovery software: EaseUS Data recovery

  • press the blue button at the bottom with the wording ?Scan", The analysis will continue for as long as necessary;
  • gradually the folders and files identified as recoverable will appear. Once the scan is complete, we can choose, by checking, which files and folders we want to recover;

recover data

  • then press on ?Recover"And indicate the path of the folder where you want to save the recovered files (once again always on units, different from the one where the files are being recovered);
  • a dialog with the level of completion will then appear;
  • finally in the indicated folder you will find your recovered files.

The purchase of EaseUSData recovery

Before purchasing, we strongly recommend that you do a scan with the trial version. If this identifies the files of your interest it is very likely that the full version will recover them properly.

Ease Us has a particular refund policy within 30 days which we invite you to evaluate well before purchasing. You can get a refund only if you can prove that the software failed to recover our files for technical reasons. The following policy is certainly adopted against the sly people who bought the software, recovered their data and then requested a refund.

If you want buy the professional version of Ease USData recovery we recommend using this link which entitles you to a 50% discount.