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Audio on Firewire? It is no longer a dream with Metric Halo

Audio on Firewire? No longer a dream with Metric Halo | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Metric Halo presented Mobile I / O 2882, its Audio Input / Output interface on Firewire for multimedia and professional applications, at the very recent NAMM in Los Angeles (it closed on January 21). The "module" supports output and inputs simultaneous of all the main audio standards, balanced and unbalanced (Mic, Line & Instrument), S / PDIF, AES, and of course IEEE 1394. It is a real Rack module from a unit with the dimensions corresponding to those of a PowerBook (the footprint is more or less that of Titanium) and it is easily transportable.Mobile I / O 2882 is equipped with the possibility of managing latency in order to interface with sound environments in real time. It has 8 line outputs , a mix output and a headphone. All analogue outputs are capable of handling the 24-bit 96kHz signal. Four of the analog inputs handle the 24-bit 96 kHz signal and the other four are compatible. Up to 128 total channels at 96 khz or 256 at 48 kHz can be combined thanks to the wordclock input / output. the standard drivers for the professional and multimedia sector for both Mac and Windows: ASIO, Sound Manager, and Wave. Unlike the other proposals for audio on 1394, Mobile I / O is based on a fully programmable audio engine and upgradeable able to adapt with low costs to any changes in the Firewire specifications. The interface is suitable for increasingly smaller and more refined computers that do not have a PCI slot (the reference to Apple products is evident).

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