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AT&T: here are the questions and answers on the iPhone

AT&T: here are the questions and answers on iPhone logomacitynet1200wide 1

Engadget Mobile has published a document that claims to be the handbook for answers on iPhone for the benefit of At & t call center employees both to provide information on the iPhone and to meet some of the most common questions that the same employees ask themselves on the phone.

No particular news emerges from the documentation, were it not for the fact that the call center employees are ordered to reply that 'at the moment no contribution is expected on the purchase of the iPhone'. The news contrasts with what some analysts say that Apple and AT&T may have expected to cut the announced cost of the iPhone against the two-year contract, thus following a common policy in the world of telephony. In reality, the 'for now' leaves any future possibility open, even if it closes the more immediate ones.

Among other noteworthy news, the fact that iPhone confirmed for June and the fact that technical education on the mobile phone in such a way as to also provide assistance to customers will be provided immediately behind the marketing.

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