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Android Nougat update: how to do it on every smartphone

You have purchased your smartphone in the last two years and would like to have it always updated, so you can always get the latest news introduced in the operating system. The latest stable version of Android 7.0, nicknamed Android Nougat and available as an official update for a large number of high-end devices released in the past two years. But not everyone will receive Android Nougat as an official update; in these cases you have to proceed with another method to update your device.

Android Nougat update

In this guide I will show you how to update to Android Nougat on devices that officially support it and how to perform the Android Nougat update on devices that have not received the official update to this version.

Android Nougat update via OTA

If you purchased the device between November 2016 or 2017 it is likely that the official update to Android Nougat for your device already available, you just have to download it! To update the smartphone via OTA (Over The Air) very simple, just go to the menu About phone -> System updates. If the update is present you should see a screen similar to the one shown below.

Android Nougat update

In the News section or in general where the improvements included in the update are shown, you should see the wording Operating system update – Android 7.0 Nougat.

Now just download and install the update to get the new operating system for your smartphone!

Android Nougat update via PC suite

Another method of receiving the Android Nougat update is to use the software of the mobile device manufacturers on your PC. In this way, just connect the smartphone to be updated to the computer via USB and proceed with the update (if available), without installing the drivers, which are already included in the software. In the following list you can find all the main PC suite software for the most famous manufacturers.

Download the right program according to the manufacturer of your smartphone, connect the smartphone via USB to the PC and launch the search for updates from the software itself; if Nougat is available for your smartphone, you will be notified of the update.

Android Nougat update

Android Nougat update with LineageOS

If your smartphone no longer receives updates and / or the manufacturer does not release Nougat for your device you can get Android 7.0 using an unofficial ROM like LineageOS. This constantly updated version of the operating system and the latest downloadable version (14.1) based on Nougat.

Download LineageOS for your device using the download page available at the following link.

LINK | LineageOS

Android Nougat update

The various supported manufacturers are available on the left side; click on the manufacturer of your interest and select the device you wish to update.

Android Nougat update

All the versions of LineageOS developed for the chosen device will appear. Make sure to download version 14 which is based on Nougat.

Android Nougat update

Once the ROM has been downloaded you must proceed with the installation on the device. Before proceeding toAndroid Nougat update via LineageOS good to know that personal data (apps, numbers, messages, address book, personalizations) will be deleted, so I recommend that you make a backup of the most important data if you want to find it on the new operating system. If you are not really an expert and you need a more in-depth guide, I suggest you go to this link:

LINK | How to install Lineage OS on all Android devices

Note: some devices require the unlocked bootloader to be able to install unauthorized software.

Other guides

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