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Electric Image Inc. has presented Amorphium Pro, a new professional version of Amorphium, a sculpting program. The new application inherits a real-time interface from its predecessor, while adding new modeling, rendering and animation capabilities that make it the ideal product for 3D artists, Web animators and graphic designers. "Amorphium Pro – reads a press release – is a great innovation for those who have to create vector 3D images for the Web. It combines the potential of 3D tools with the ability to record 3D objects and animations in Flash (SWF) format, which can be used directly or can be further processed with other Flash-compatible applications. "Amorphium Pro also produces optimized GIF images and QuickTime animations, imports and exports in all major formats converts EPS graphics to 3D objects and supports the industry standard for 2D images for integ ration with drawing programs such as Adobe Photoshop. "Amorphium's ability to create 3D objects in real time in a similar way to Photoshop brushes makes it very interesting for graphic designers and those who do 3D – said the CEO of Electric Image Inc , Dwight Parscale – For Amorphium Pro, we have integrated an intuitive approach with the most robust tools for web animation and drawing. simply the easiest and fastest way to create professional-quality 3D images for any media. ?Amorphium Pro has a new interface with new menus, new tool management options, a larger working environment and multiple views. Numerous conventional modeling and real-time sculpting tools have been added to provide greater flexibility; objects and scenes are created faster and control over object complexity is increased. Amorphium Pro has new sculpting and painting brushes that can be modified and registered, advanced Boolean functions, synthetic primitives to create surface and solid modeling, materials for realistic textures. In addition to the possibility of modeling objects by pulling and pushing their surface, a new tool is available, called "Wax", which allows users to add or delete a 3D geometry, such as drawing 3D branches from an object to make a tree . Amorphium Pro has animation and morphing functions with a keyframe-based timeline, which allows you to edit any number of objects, lights, backgrounds and scene and morphing effects. New representation possibilities include Raytracing for surface reflections and refractions, Radiosity for realistic scene lighting, as well as advanced effects of light and smoke. Amorphium Pro can render at virtually any resolution for any media, including print, the web, video and film. The program immediately available for Apple Power Macintosh systems and Windows 95/98 / NT / 2000 systems

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