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AAPL: + 30% in a month

AAPL: + 30% in one month | Macitynet.itlogomacitynet1200wide 1

Slowly, and with little fanfare, the AAPL stock is continuing to rise. The shares of the Cupertino company crossed the $ 20 threshold yesterday, breaking, with a jump of $ 6, a psychological threshold that had not crossed since last November 14 , more than two months ago. Since last December 19, the date of the low of the last few years ($ 14), Apple's stock has risen by about 30%, returning to a level more suited to investors' expectations. We are certainly still far from last summer's records, but many are starting to believe that Apple, at least on Wall Street, is seeing the light at the bottom of the tunnel. To determine the recent increases there are some converging factors. First of all, the conviction by investors that on some technology companies, selecting carefully, it is worth investing and Apple, for cash solidity and affection by users, among these. Jobs' recent moves reinforce this position, which has made the Apple company "drink" bitter medicine, which has become even more bitter because it swallowed up all in a few weeks thanks to discounts and promotions aimed at emptying the warehouse. Now the Macs are ready to go back on the market and someone is starting to bet that the new machines in San Francisco will be a success. Very probably the growth will be slow and from here to the end of the quarter we will not see spectacular pursuits even if there are the conditions, in particular the Tokyo Expo, for a new blaze towards the end of the 90 days that close in March.

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