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12 Features Every Google Photos user should know

Among other services, Google has introduced a simple but powerful digital photo management service called Google Photos. It provides a simple and free way to store and organize photos in the cloud. It is not possible to obtain the maximum result from an instrument or service until it is aware of all the main functions. To take full advantage of Google Photos, I have collected 12 features that every Google Photos user should know . If you know that some interesting features missed in the post, please mention it in the comments. You can download Google Photos for Android, iOS with a web presence here.

Note: Google Photos for Android compatible with Android 4.0 or later while Google Photos for iOS compatible with iOS 8.1 or later .

1. Upload photos and videos via Drag and Drop

Self // yes located in the bar from addresses of the web browser tab, you can simply upload a number of photos or videos dragging them in the card.

The same action could also be performed with one folder of images or videos .

Alternatively, you can upload photos or videos by clicking the button cloud near the search bar.

You can also automatically sync the desktop and mobile apps to upload photos.

2. Loading size option

One time loaded a photo or video by dragging the selection, one pop-up window will ask you to select an option for upload size .

By default, the option High quality selected to upload photos (up to 16 MP) or videos (up to 1080p) with free unlimited storage space by reducing the file size. You can also select the Original option to upload images or videos with original size and full resolution. With this option the limited free space of 15 GB is an inconvenience. You can purchase more space from 100 GB for $ 1.99 / month up to 30 TB for $ 299.99 / month.

Click on KEEP ON to finalize the loading procedure.

3. Smart photo search option

Google has introduced an intelligent search option in Google Photos. can search for photos by keywords, e.g. Food you were eating in a photo, location or any other prominent object in a photo. But the most exciting thing is the search for photos by facial recognition. If you use Google Photos on desktop / laptop, you can view the search bar at the top. In your mobile phone, click on the blue circular magnifying glass icon and you will reach the search screen.

I'll show you six most frequent faces from your photo albums. Tap one of these faces and return almost any photo that contains that particular face. If you want to add multiple faces, tap Other next to People .

Note: the facial recognition research available in limited countries. If not available in your country, you can use any of the available VPN services and access them.

Scroll towards the bass in the same screen and you will see a list of places in to whom you captured these photos even if the location reporting service is turned off. According to Google, their technology can identify the famous points of geographic reference in your photos and of automatically annotate these photos with the corresponding position.

To see the magic of powerful search function, I uploaded some photos.

The search results will return a glass photograph if I type and search in the search bar.

I typed flowers in the search bar to search for photos of flowers.

You can also search in Google Photos through names of different colors which are clearly visible in a photo.

However, the accuracy of finding photos is still a problem. I only managed to find results for the green color while the search results for other colors were empty. Google needs to be aware of this problem and the improvement of search options may soon be verified.

4. Photo viewing options

If you use Google Photos on a mobile device, by default, in Daily View, all your photos are arranged in a medium-sized thumbnail grid.

You can easily switch to viewing comfortable displaying a wider view of the images by pinching outwards.

Finally, if you want to see multiple images simultaneously on your mobile screen, then pinch inward to activate the display Compact . With a simple gesture of pinching inwards, you can see photos through, days, months and years.

5. Duplication eliminated to save disk space

If you have a very large photo collection and have uploaded an existing photo, Google Photos will keep one copy eliminating duplication. This feature could be really useful if you are uploading photos via the Original option, where the size of the storage space is limited.

6. Collections to create albums, stories and films

Collections offer users an easy way to create albums, stories and movies with just a few clicks. Find and click the Collection option at the top left of Google Photos.

Select the type of collection you want to start.

Don't worry if you're new to Google Photos and don't know how to start making a story or movie. Click how create stories and films and a step-by-step guide will appear to help you.

7. Google Photo Assistant

Assistant one of the powerful features offered by Google Photos. The main goal of Google Photo Assistant is to help you stay organized with your photos while suggesting new things that appear as cards. You can see Google Photo Assistant by clicking on the Hamburger button in the upper left corner.

It can do many other things automatically. For example, it can inspect your photos for similarities based on various factors, compile them together and suggest whether to save the compilation or not. If this is not enough, it can further help you free up local storage space when you run out of it. For example, it may suggest that you delete photos that are too old and also stored in the cloud.

8. Integrated photo editor

Google Photos has created a built-in photo editor simple but decent which might be more than enough for many people. Select a photo and click the Pencil icon top right to start editing. To edit a photo on your mobile phone, you can see the edit option right below the image.

The Google Photos editor equipped with a series of image filters, clipping is rotation, options of light, color, pop is vignetting adjustable.

If you are interested in seeing the difference between the original photo and the edit, click on the option COMPARE to see the comparison immediately.

9. Quick and easy photo selection

If you use Google Photos on the web, to select a group of photos, keep hold down the Shift key and click Icon of round check mark of the first batch image, then click Round check mark icon of the last batch image. It will automatically select all photos between the first and last verified photo, saving time.

Click the image icon with the round check mark to select them randomly.

The selection of photos on mobile really quick and easy . Hold your finger on a photo and then move your finger on all the photos you want to select, good; here is your selected group of photos.

10. Easy integration of Google Drive

At this point, if you really start to like the Google Photos service and you are interested in uploading all your photos and videos not only from your phone and laptop, but also from yours Google Drive, you can do it easily.

Click on the Hamburger button top left > Settings> Activate toggle button.

11. Instant photo sharing

Google Photo allows you to share photos instantly on popular social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Google+. Click the Share button and choose the option you want to go with.

If someone is not in one of these social networks, Google Photos can generate a searchable link that can be shared with other users to view and download the selection of photos in full resolution, regardless of whether they are signed in Google or not. Click on Get a shareable link to generate the link that you can share with a simple copy and paste.

Later, if you decide that no one should be able to open the shared link, you can revoke access. Click on the Hamburger button> Shared links> Delete link.

12. Automatic photo compression

Instead of providing an explicit option, Google Photos compresses implicitly all images uploaded. You can witness the function yourself. Upload a photo to Google Photos using the High quality option and then download it. You can see the size of the downloaded photo much smaller than the original one.


L' incredible search function and the unlimited upload of images and videos transform Google Photos in a great app to have on your desktop or mobile phone . Smart Google Photo Assistant it would be really helpful for users to organize photos and simple editing functionality is sharing makes Google Photos a very simple app to use. Understanding these features will help a user get the most out of this app.