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With Vonia, iPod music gets in the head. Literally

The new Vonia listening band, produced by Thanko and designed for the second generation iPod shuffle, comes from Japan, the cradle of the most cutting-edge (but sometimes even more improbable) technology.

This accessory takes full advantage of the hammer, anvil and the stirrup of your ears, in a literal way: the Thanko band uses an acoustic transmission technology that we could call "osteo-conduction", already experienced in the land of the Rising Sun, but for now it has no significant international resonance.

The band has a pocket in which to insert the two transmitters and the iPod shuffle, connected to them with the only cable present. Once the band on the forehead is tightened, the acoustic waves will propagate directly through osteo-conduction, reaching the internal bones and thus causing the necessary acoustic stimuli.

This without blocking the over-the-air vibrations collected by the eardrum, thus maintaining auditory awareness of sounds and noises from the external environment.

The Vonia will be available online from the end of the current month, at a price of around 84 Dollars.

No Italian distributors are known at the moment.