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With Polarsteps, the travel diary writes itself

Just tell her where she will go, and the rest does it herself: the app automatically publishes where the traveler: no longer need to post photos and status

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To make sure that your friends and loved ones know where you are during a trip, or simply make them a little envious, you won't even need to waste time. Polarsteps an app that he developed an automated system for sharing updates and movements.

The traveler, once registered on the platform, will have to share the dates of the planned and ebasta move. The rest will be done by the app, checking the position of the traveler and publishing the results on the dedicated page. Photos and places shared by the user will be added to the map automatically.No need to use roaming: GPS works on its own and synchronize the data it has acquired as soon as it hangs up a cell or when accessing Wi-Fi.

The Amsterdam-based company has obtained 500,000 euros in funding, money that will be invested to complete the creation of the iOS app (for now in beta) and launch the Android version.

A motorcycle trip from Amsterdam to Cape Town was documented through the application's work, e the result seems to be satisfactory.


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