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With Outlook Premium, Microsoft experiences paid email

The service is being tested and aims to offer a service with 5 boxes and a personalized domain for $ 3.99 per month

(Photo: Microsoft)(Photo: Microsoft)

For now it is only an experiment but, according to the web page that the suto came across, it seems that Microsoft is considering launching a paid version of its mail service: the program is called Outlook Premium, it has already been started in a preliminary version and currently works by invitation.

If everything goes smoothly, when it is ready for departure it will cost $ 3.99 per month and will offer up to five e-mail addresses that are fully integrated with the Office productivity suite and can be consulted by both a mail client and online, without banner ads.

The domain will be customizable: Microsoft has in fact partnered with the GoDaddy platform to allow its users to independently choose the domain,instead of being forced to use Outlook, Hotmail or Live.

For users who are testing the service for the first year for free, but it is unclear when Outlook Premium will actually be launched. Indeed, it is even possible that Microsoft may decide to make price changes or to give up the plan altogether. The same house of Redmond has already hurried to specify that the one launched in these days nothing but a pilot program: for the moment, in short, it is only possible to queue to hope to participate in the beta phase.


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