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WhatsApp, chats and calls become encrypted

After the case that saw Apple and FBI opposed, the messaging service protects the messages of a billion users behind an inscrutable wall (also from WhatsApp itself)

(Photo: WhatsApp)

It became clear early enough, during the dispute between Apple and the FBI on the unlocking of the San Bernardino smartphone, that the conflict between government and the world of technology on the privacy issue would not remain geographically limited to Cupertino. The practical demonstration arrived just as quickly: a few minutes ago the founders of Whatsapp have announced that from now on all messages and voice calls in transit on their platform will be protected by end to end encryption.

All communications in transit between devices updated to the latest version they will not be decipherable even by WhatsApp: in the post that gives the announcement, hosted on the blog of the service, you can find an indirect reference to the Apple-FBI case and to the fact that, according to the company, keeping the information of its users safe must remain the number one priority for avoid the risk of these being exposed to abuse by attackers, hackers or rogue states.

WhatsApp not the first platform which decides to adopt this type of protection unreservedly for data passing through its network, but certainly the most widespread. Telegram, for example, has made end to end encryption one of its workhorses; but while Pavel Durov's app reached 100 million users just two months ago, the platform acquired by Facebook can already count more than a billion: the impact on the debate will in short be disruptive.


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