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What is the best free Android GPS Navigator

diciembre 28, 2019

best free browser

When we think of a navigation app, we usually think ofGoogle Maps. It is preferred by most people because it is considered the navigation application that is updated most often. Google has been on top of preferences for free navigator apps, especially over the past two years. However, if you are not an avid Google Maps sympathizer or want to get to know someone else free android navigator made differently and with different functions, there are many options to evaluate.

The best free Android browser

In the list that we offer, we describe some free GPS navigators as an alternative to Google Maps, among which you can choose the Android navigator that you think is best for your needs. The one with the best directions to navigate in traffic or on roads via Android devices, as an alternative to Google Maps.



here Maps (free navigator) was developed by Nokia and was very successful in 2014 until it was sold in 2015 to a consortium of car manufacturers, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes, winning the Auto Bild "Best Automotive App" for the 2015. equipped with a simple and elegant interface, with mapping options from all over the world. maps for use can also be downloaded offline in your city, so you don't need an always-on mobile data connection.

It also provides offline directions and itineraries with public transport for many countries such as Italy, USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and many other countries. Here Maps it also shows real-time traffic information (if available in your country), public transport maps, and you can customize it by saving information and indication of places.

MapFactor GPS Navigation

MapFactor GPS Navigation

MapFactor GPS Navigation (free GPS navigator app with in-app purchases) one of the classic turn-by-turn navigation applications for those looking for a Google Maps replacement. You can download and install the map files on the SD card so that you can use them offline if necessary. Directions Ltd uses the OffStreetMap data which has support for many countries around the world and others are added every day. Not as clean as Google Maps, but it has enough features to use the app effectively and fun. It is also worth mentioning that the map data and the application itself totally free and only if you want, you can buy TomTom GPS navigation maps at an additional cost.

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest GPS Navigation & Maps

MapQuest (free browser) one of the most used "go-to" web sites on the internet many years ago. Incredibly, the service still exists and it also has an Android app. It has the normal standard turn-by-turn features together with some features not present in all navigators such as real-time traffic updates, alternative routes automatically in case of traffic, and a service to find the closest petrol stations. convenient along the way. There are also directions in case you want to walk. It is an excellent application also known by many users. Whether it's using the turn-by-turn navigator with voice navigation, for walking or getting directions, this is an app you can count on, also supported by a website.

GPS Navigation and Sygic maps

GPS Navigation and Sygic maps

Sygic (free with in-app purchases) a very popular navigation application that boasts over 50 million downloads to date. It can be called the most advanced GPS navigation app for Android. It has 3D maps offline from TomTom, guided navigation with precise step-by-step voice directions and free map updates. It has the usual features such as turn-by-turn directions, guided voice instructions (which also include the vocal names of the streets so you can focus on driving), alternative routes, and even a display for speed limits. There are a number of in-app purchases to unlock other features. Even without these additional features, it is still a pretty good application. Sygic features advanced features that guarantee safety and comfort such as real-time traffic information, police radar alerts / speed detectors to identify the fastest route and avoid traffic delays. It also presents parking suggestions, with information on availability and prices and finds the cheapest fuel based on the type used.

Waze – GPS, Maps & Traffic

Waze - GPS, Maps & Traffic

Lastly Waze (free browser), the second navigation application owned by Google. Some of its features are integrated into Google Maps, but Waze is still perfectly usable on its own. It is the largest community of motorists in the world, provided with real-time traffic updates broadcast by motorists who actually drive in traffic. You can also know if you are exceeding the speed limits and where the police are located (most of the time). It is also possible to adjust the route based on a series of factors. You can find the most convenient gas and petrol stations along the way, you can share news with friends and there is also a classification system for those who really contribute to the service experience.

Surely there will be someone else Android navigator alternative to Google Maps, but these listed we consider them the best. If you use others free navigators for Android equally valid you can communicate it in the comments.

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