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We tried Miitomo, Nintendo's social network

Questions, people dressed as hot dogs, photos and mini-games in the social hub that will connect the mobile and non-future of the Grande N


I'm in the offices Nintendo with an iPhone in hand and on the screen a version of me dressed as a hot-dog converses amiably with the alter ego of a colleague in a jacket, tie and Bermuda shorts. At the end of the chat, I found out that he was returning from a binge-watching session House of Cards, while I confessed my love for pizza to him. Now our respective friends are commenting on the answers, in a mixture of favorite pizzas and quotes from Frank Underwood. Everything happened inside Miitomo, Nintendo's first mobile app, which aims to be more a social hub than a real video game.

Inside we can create our own alter ego, a Mii, or the avatars that Nintendo has introduced in its systems since the days of the Wii, and equip it with its own voice and personality. These choices will influence the way the character walks, expresses or gesticulates, as well as the furnishings of his virtual house.

Ilitcro di Miitomo are the questions, there are no simple status updates where we can say how we feel, interaction with the app and with other users takes place through questions and answers:the system will ask us what we did yesterday, what we like to eat, the last purchase and so on. Our friends will be able to read the answers and comment on them, in turn answering the questions. In addition, every now and then the app will bring users to visit each other in a totally random way, so as to exchange information and answer other questions, which may remain private or be shared.

In the appropriate section we can see all the questions asked to our friends, but to see the answers to those that have not been asked we will have to use some candy, a game currency that we can get in a mini-game.

In fact, Miitomo is also present SganciaMii, a very simple game in which we will have to drop a Mii from top to bottom. If bouncing stops on a platform we will be able to win a new piece of clothing, if the consolation prize reaches the bottom they are the aforementioned candies. To play SganciaMii we will have to use tickets, which we can buy with the game coins or obtain by completing some activities.


As often happens in games where there are avatars, intact, also in Miitomo it is possible to buy clothes and suits. To do this we will have to use gold coins, which can be obtained by answering questions, sharing photos or with other activities, but also by converting our euros, an option that is already depopulating in Japan, where the app available in these hours.

The last function of Miitomo is called Miifoto and allows you to take photos of your Mii in various poses, overlay stickers or insert it in a photo taken in the real world. good to remember that Nintendo does not apply any filter to the contents, because if someone of your friend on Miitomo is supposed to trust him. However, it is possible to report any unwanted content.

At the moment they exist three ways to add new friends: Facebook, Twitter and directly through the app, if the two people are physically close. In the future the system will be integrated with MyNintendo to allow you to add friends you meet in the games and get exclusive prizes.


So for now Myitomo a sort of mysterious object which hides its potential. For now, an end in itself, but within the year it will become a social hub designed to connect things that are not yet there, namely all the games that Nintendo will publish on Mobile and all that will be available on the mysterious Nintendo NX console.

If you are curious to try it you can already download it in Italian only for Android: however, since there are no European servers, you will not be able to connect your MyNintendo account or add friends, unless they are in front of you.

One thing is certain: thanks to the mechanics of the Miitomo questions, it is also an excellent way to get to know the tastes of its users and to make the company 's visual and communicative style known even to those who may not appreciate video games. It could therefore be the perfect Trojan horse for expand Nintendo's influence even more on the world of video gamescontinuing the strategy implemented with the Wii: trying to reach those audiences less accustomed to video games, effectively creating a new market.

Certainly in these few hours of use Miitomo proved simple, intuitive and well done:the idea of ??asking the user simple but ingenious questions, because it simulates the feeling that someone is really interested in our hobbies, makes us feel as if we were being interviewed, pampering our ego and always giving us something new to write and share. Not bad for someone who has yet to demonstrate his full potential.


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