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Waze now also shows speed limits

A new app function keeps the user updated on the speed limits of the roads traveled

"Ah, but I thought that on the highway …" "But how, then you should not keep the fifty kilometers per hour?": Be thoughtless. From now speed limits take care of Waze,which has introduced a new function that allows notification on the user's device of the moment in which the allowed speed is being exceeded.

The new function will signal that the speed limit is exceeded through a visual alarm on the speedometer of the app. The warning on the screen until the speed drops below the allowed limit. Customizable notification: the user can choose to be notified if the allowed limit is reached or exceeded by 5, 10 or 15%.

The novelty created thanks to the support of Waze Map Editor enthusiasts, over 36 thousand in the world that can be integrated with other functions already present, such as audio notifications, voice control for all settings, notifications enabled in real time to report any unusual traffic along the way.


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