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VPN and Kodi: how to choose and configure

Kodi is an application with worldwide success, the convenient open source media center has been able to establish itself for its completeness and for the availability of addons, official and non-official, which further expand its capabilities.

There are more than 40 million users of the application in its various versions, a large percentage of them do not use Kodi with the official addons, but rather for those unofficial.

It is therefore not surprising that the name of the app is associated with piracy, seeing games, series and movies for free. In each party, there is at least one friend who has equipped himself with an Android TV box or a FireStick and uses Kodi to be a pirate, and who often also boasts about it.

Those who use Kodi to violate rights, especially those who use private IPTV lists risk a lot with fines close to 2000 and risk of imprisonment. For those who sell them obviously the penalties are even higher. For this reason, several national and international portals that talk about Kodi and addons recommend that you have a good service VPN referenced.In practice, instead of advising you to stop committing a crime, they advise you to be smart and take advantage of the best VPN services available on the net to remain completely anonymous, and therefore not be punishable.

It is a questionable choice and we strongly recommend you to GiardiniBlogvi use Kodi only with official addons, for the purpose for which it was created and not to distort it by making pirates.

Are all VPNs suitable for use with Kodi?

Firstly, if you use Kodi correctly by not pirating and not using unofficial addons, you don't need a VPN (unless you particularly care about privacy).

If you have decided to pirate and equip yourself with a VPN to hide your identity, you must know that not all services are the same and guarantee the same degree of security.

In the first place, no free VPN suitable for use with Kodi since free VPNs not only expose the IP address of their users but also their traffic. Free VPNs often profile their users and sell their browsing data to stay active. Furthermore, those who use Kodi to pirate, preferably use it to watch streaming content and the free VPNs limit traffic and connection speed; they result as they are made, unsuitable and you will have shots, long loads and continuous interruptions.

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What VPNs for Kodi do Pirates Recommend and Why?

Recommend only referenced services who make the protection of their users' privacy their mission. So they choose for themselves and recommend only services known to be "nologs", and perhaps with registered offices in countries where the legislation is particularly favorable.

The quality services all boast of not keeping logs and try to implement and offer the best security protocols to guarantee the privacy of their users. The use of the right critical security protocol to maintain anonymity and all your traffic safely.

We happened to review some services often recommended by pirates:

Everyone has satisfied us in terms of safety and performance. If you want a ranking of VPN services, please consult our updated post: The best VPNs.

Do VPNs improve streaming?

The answer no, in general VPN services are not used for this purpose. The best VPN service can never exceed the speed of your network. So in principle there should be no improvement to streaming content via a VPN connection.

In fact, for some customers often experience a marked improvement, because:

  • our operators offer bad routing, which goes into crisis during peak traffic moments;
  • some network operators filter user traffic by limiting P2P file sharing and streaming especially during certain times.

A VPN connection by its nature does not make your traffic verifiable, and has its own routing, so it can improve video performance if you find yourself in one of these circumstances.

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How do you use VPNs with Kodi?

You can proceed in two ways, the first very simple the second slightly more complex and compatible with a smaller number of services.

The first method trivial, consists in starting the client of your VPN on the platform where you plan to use Kodi. Once the service is started and connected to the server, you can start Kodi being sure that all your traffic will be routed through the service.

The second method consists in using the convenient add-onVPN Manager, but the add-on is not compatible with all systems and with many services. If the VPN service you have chosen is compatible, you will find a guide on the correct configuration on its website.